Friday, August 24, 2012

Yours Alone: A Quiet Moment

We've finally made it - my alarm was set for 7:30 am, but I woke up on my own at about 6:30.  I rolled over Bridesmaid J, who was sharing a bed with me, and stepped over Bridesmaid S, who was sleeping on the floor.  I made my way downstairs to my family's sunroom, where in a few hours, I would be getting into my wedding dress.

At 6:30 though, all was quiet: I took the time to drink some coffee and snack on some grapes and try and write a articulate card to Mr. C to describe how he I was feeling.  Mr. C and I had decided not to write our own vows, as Mr. C felt it was something really private that should only be shared between the two of us.  I had to write my letter to have it sent to Mr. C while the ladies were at the salon.

All the dresses were hung up and ready to go

Coffee and grapes - my wedding morning breakfast
Sister J came down at one point and mocked me for crying while writing to Mr. C.  But I was glad I got those tears out then - the house was starting to wake up and it was time to rotate people through showers so we could get to the salon on time. 

Did you take some time for yourself on the morning of your wedding?

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