Friday, July 6, 2012

Wedding Week: Friday Rehearsal

Thanks to anyone who has kept me in their Google Reader or still randomly checks out my blog to see if I'm keeping things up to date.  My life has been absolutely wild in the past few months - Mr. C matched for his residency in March for a program in Rochester, NY.  Since that time we've had to make lots of plans, lots of moves, and said lots of goodbyes.  We celebrated Mr. C's match in March, relished every moment in NY in April, honeymooned in May, and three weeks ago, Mr. C moved up to Rochester and left me in Brooklyn to finish out the term of our lease.  With lots of time on my own and lots of memories from our wedding starting to fade away, I am determined to finish our wedding recaps - more for myself than anyone else!  If you still happen to be reading along, I'd love to hear from you!

When I got back from the nail salon, out-of-town guests were congregating at my parent's house.  Mr. C showed up with Best Man M and Groomsman E.  They were picking up the out of town bags, grabbing some of Mr. C's stuff and quickly headed back to the hotel.  It was beyond exciting to see people from near and far gathering and to talk about the excitement of the next day.

Baby J excited for her upcoming role as Flower Girl

My Uncle and Dad Busy Bee put together the wagon for Baby J

Practicing her role!

"What the heck is this thing?"

Smile and look pretty? Can do!

Unfortunately, Mr. C and I were really far behind in writing thank you notes and wrapping gifts, so while everyone else was catching up, we were upstairs frantically stuffing envelopes and creating printouts for our parent gifts.

Mr. C headed out with his guys, the guests started to trickle back to the hotel, and I changed into my rehearsal dinner dress.  It was time to rehearse!

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