Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wedding Week: Friday Day

I woke up feeling much more rested on Friday morning - but it was weird to not have Mr. C next to me.  The next time I would spend the night next to Mr. C we would be husband and wife.

We had appointments at the nail salon for all the women ready to go: my Mom, MIL, Sister J, and Bridesmaid J.

Sister J had to swap out with me so I could be done in time for my eyelash appointment.

After our nails were done, I had eyelash extensions put on.  It felt much stranger than I ever expected it too.  It was really uncomfortable and took about an hour.  I kept fidgeting with them for the rest of the day, but I have to say - I loved the look it gave me for the big day. 

We stopped at a CVS for final things: card for Mr. C, markers for our guestbook, and a pillow for the rings to go down the aisle.  Back at the house things had gotten chaotic: family had arrived, friends were stopping by, Baby J was practicing her moves for the aisle, my Dad was putting the final touches our photobooth - and I still had a LOT of shiz to organize. 

Cards for our wedding party, gifts for our parents, and of course, dressing up for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

I opted to split the rehearsal dinner into a separate post because that is really when the wedding events officially started - and that's when I finally gave it all up to the heavens that things were going to go how they'd go...and I was there for the ride - and of course, for the marriage!!

All personal photos.

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