Tuesday, January 31, 2012

handwritten: a penpal project for 2012

I used to have penpals: friends that I would exchange letters with and learn more about their lives.  Mostly it was my RL friends, but we would share chain mail, secrets, and crushes in our ripped straight from the notebook pages. 

When I saw a few Tweets from Anni, Estelle, and others talking about the possibility of collecting a group of people interested in snail mail, I had to jump at the chance.  How fun; what a great way to connect with someone, make my mailbox a little more interesting, and most importantly, an excuse to buy some really  pretty paper. 

Tabitha explains the whole process on her blog here, so if you're interested in joining, go sign up! 

Luckily I just stocked up on some Forever stamps...


  1. i LITERALLY was just thinking of a package I needed to mail you. snail mail <3

  2. I love snail mail so much. Hope you're doing well love!