Friday, January 27, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I'd been thinking about my PWC (post-wedding chop) for a long time.  I hadn't had a proper hair cut in years (thanks to student life then unemployed life).

I don't have a hairstylist in Brooklyn that I'm comfortable with, and man...are haircuts around here expensive.  But last week, I finally decided to just bite the bullet and make an appointment at a salon my friend recommended to me.

This morning, I was trying to find styles I liked, but finding a style I like and finding something that will work well with my hair are two totally separate things.  Then I randomly Googled Locks of Love.  I called the salon and asked if they could measure my hair for me if I wanted to donate it.  "Absolutely!" the woman on the phone shouted when I mentioned what I wanted to do.

By the time I got to the salon, I was having second thoughts...I believe I hashtagged #maybechickeningout on Twitter.

But then the stylist talked about how cool she thought this was, and I thought that I had no freaking clue what to do with long hair anyway...

Before picture - taken from my iPhone
So before I had time to think, my hair was in two ponytails in the back of my head...and then SNIP - those two ponytails were in my hand.

That is my hair in my hand!  - Personal iPhone pic
The second it was off I knew this was a great idea.  I needed something done to give me a new look.

Here's the final product:

All styled! - Personal iPhone picture
I really love the cut she gave me.  It angles and shapes my face in a flattering way, and I feel more professional (which is good, as I'm the youngest attorney in our office).  I think it makes me look older (but not old!) and gives my hair some shape and body is was so sadly missing.

Now I just need to find a padded envelope for those two ponytails that are sitting in my bag...

Have you ever donated your hair?  This was the first time my hair was even close to long enough to consider it.  Would you donate your hair if it was long enough?

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  1. Love the hair cut. And Locks of Love is a great way to put that long hair to good use.