Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wedding Week: Wednesday

Wednesday was by far the most stressful day leading up to the wedding.  And Mr. C and I didn't handle it super classily.  But we lived!

We woke up and headed straight to a Starbucks.  My mom had scheduled to have someone clean the house, so we couldn't stick around.  Two coffees later, we both had the this jitters and had to run to pick up our order at FedEx Kinkos.  The coffee was definitely overkill - we both were super shaky and it made us really anxious.  If you're someone who doesn't normally drink a lot of caffeine, trust me, you won't need it. There will be plenty of natural energy and anxiety to pull you through.

Mr. C and I had a long list of tasks: finalize parent gifts, finalize menus, reprint some of the place cards, and generally organize the rest of the week.

We made a run to Kinkos and then headed back to my Mom's house.  Hoping this would finally be our chance to fill out our place cards and organize our baskets for drop off at the venue the next day, we got sucked into errands with my Mom instead.  A quick trip to Costco, and then it was time for a WONDERFUL interruption.

Do you remember when I there were some bridesmaid switcharoos?  Well, one of the reasons was my friend Ashlie was expecting and her due date was the day before our wedding.  She realized that she couldn't predict what things would be like for her, so she decided to not be a bridesmaid (in practice!  but always a bridesmaid in my heart!).  As she had been predicting for awhile, Ashlie delivered beautiful baby Milo early.  Mr. C and I made a point to be able to visit that precious little boy on Wednesday.  It was a great to take some quiet moments eating pizza with my friend, her beautiful baby boy, and my very-soon-to-husband.

Personal iPhone pick.  Ashlie's precious, little baby.

From here there was more excitement - we went to the bus station to pick up Bridesmaid J and things were feeling more and more real.  We left Mr. C in the food court of a mall, and J and I ran to pick out some lipstick for the big day and last minute gifts for me to give Mr. C on the morning of the wedding.

And here it was...close to 10 pm and our night wasn't close to over.  My family rallied and tackled many, many wedding projects.  Place cards, photo booth, green screen (my dad is amazing - I can't wait to tell you about that), candy bar set up, organization, labeling and making final lists of everything we forgot.

Candy Bar mock up on my iPhone - and all the chaos around it

Mr. C, J and I soldiered on until about 2 am.  I think I was the first one to give in, and admitted defeat.  I needed sleep.  I hadn't slept well all week and knew that if I didn't start catching up now, it was going to hit me later in the week, and that would be bad.  So off we went, excited to be rid of all that chaos the next day.

Did you leave any of your organization or projects to the last minute?  I swore I wasn't going to, but look how that turned out!


  1. You were SO calm and cool when you came to see me! I never would have known about the turmoil :) The candy bar looks GORGEOUS- I think I actually missed it! I love hearing the "behind the scenes" details- keep it up! xo

  2. He's sooo tiny and adorable! OMG I was starting to be a regular in Kinkos the week before and of the wedding. Totally had tons of last minute things to do too. It's just the way it goes I guess.