Monday, August 8, 2011

The Parent Dances

I'm glad you liked all the possibilities for a Father/Daughter Dance Song, but unfortunately, Dad Busy Bee and I only have one special song dedicated to us, so we chose Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl"

I was surprised by Dad Busy Bee's choice, because, as I said, he's not a sentimental guy.  But he does tend to save his emotions for really important things, so I think that this will end up being a really special moment between my dad and I.

Once Dad Busy Bee and I settled on this song, I started to think about the tradition of parent dances.  It's really great that I'll have that special moment with my dad, and that Mr. C will get a special moment with his mom.  But what about my mom?  And Mr. C's dad?  They both have been important and integral parts of our lives, and I tell anyone who listens that my mom is my best friend.

So I want to have the opportunity to share a special moment with my mom, and I'd like Mr. C to share a moment with his dad.  I'm still not sure the best way to do this.  I thought about having Mr. C ask my mom to dance in the middle of the Father/Daughter dance, and I would dance with Mr. C's dad in the middle of the Mother/Son dance.  However, I thought this felt intrusive, to invade on that special moment.

Another option would be to have a Mother/Daughter dance.  This is an option I am seriously debating.  I would have the band play an additional song for my mom and I to enjoy a moment together.  If I did this, I'm not sure if I would include it in the portion of the evening with the other parent dances, or later in the night.  Doing four parent dances in a row would probably be overkill, but it's important for me that my mom feels as special and recognized as my dad does in that moment.

I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter:  Are four parent dances overkill?  Should I take a special moment in front of everyone to thank my mom in that way?  Have you ever seen something like this, and if so, how did the bride/groom pull it off?


  1. I definitely thought your dad would go for motown! My Little Girl will be so sweet. I had four parent dances- Ben's mom, and then Ray and both my grandpas. To keep it simple, when I was up with the three guys, a clip of each song I wanted to dance with was played, so the total dance was only about 3 minutes long. It was really sweet.

    I could see you dancing with your dad and then your mom in 2 clips, then Mr. C doing the same with his parents. You'll think of an adorable way to do it, I'm sure.

  2. @mygirlsimple - I imagined doing something like you did with Ray and your grandpas. I remember how beautiful that was. It was such a nice way to recognize all of them. I'm thinking something like that with my momma would work!