Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our First Wedding Gift

I'm not really sure what the protocol is with wedding gifts arriving before the wedding...do you open the gift and write a thank you note?  Do you take the gift and leave it wrapped until after the wedding?  If you do open it, are you allowed to use it?

Googling for an answer, I got conflicting results.

On How To Do Things.com, I was told it is not proper to use a wedding gift that was received before the wedding (see the full article here).  Bridal Guide.com told me that I should send you a thank you note immediately upon receipt of a gift, which to me, implies the gift must be opened.  (see the full article here).  And of course, there was endless debate on different message boards (Weddingbee and The Knot, for instance).

After all this research, I still wasn't sure, but temptation was too much (especially since the gift was unwrapped and I had known from the beginning what it was going to be).  Pretty quickly, this bad boy was out of his box, and sitting pretty in my kitchen:
Personal photo

Not only did my friends E and E gift me us (oops, sorry Mr. C) this fabulous tangerine KitchenAid mixer off our registry, they sent in for a rebate and rather than keeping some cash for themselves, they had this delivered to Mr. C and I:

It's a food grinder! / Personal Photo

A food grinder!  This isn't one of the attachments we originally registered for (ice cream maker, I'm waiting for you!), but still a really awesome tool...at least it will be when I figure out how to use it, or what exactly to use it for.  Sausage, anyone?

Having the KitchenAid stand mixer has been amazzzzzzing.  So far I've made the following treats in it:

My favorite part is turning the mixer on, running into the other room, and telling Mr. C that I'm baking...even though I'm not in the kitchen!  Hopefully that will never lose it's charm!

We were so grateful to our friends for giving us such an awesome wedding gift.  I immediately dashed off a thank you note and I really hope that expressed our gratitude.

Would you open a wedding gift you received before the big day?  And what's your favorite baking recipe?  I might have to try it out!


  1. Wow, that's the best first gift ever! We have the orange KitchenAid Mixer on our registry too... I pray that someone gets it for us!! :)

    I know that my friend that just got married opened gifts as they came in the mail and updated all of us on facebook, so that was her protocol! :P

    Happy baking!

  2. I think you have to open and send thank you notes as the gifts arrive. Besides you can always consider it an engagement gift if it's before the wedding, right? The only way I could see letting them hang around wrapped is someone was having a Christmas wedding and all the gifts were going under a tree at the reception.

  3. that's awesome! i just had a shower this weekend and we got the kitchenaid artisan mixer! i'm sooo excited to use it :) we can now be in the kitchenaid owners club together! ;)

  4. I think its okay to open the gifts as you receive them, and send thank you notes as you receive them as well but don't use the gifts until after the wedding. I love that mixer!!

  5. We opened gifts (and used them) as we received them. We sent thank you notes when we received them too...we did a good job keeping up with them except for the gifts we received the week of the wedding. We didn't send thank you notes for those until after the honeymoon. Use it and enjoy it!

  6. What awesome gifts!! I'm writing our thank you notes and mailing them out as the gifts come in.

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  8. That's awesome! i just had a shower this weekend and we got the kitchenaid artisan mixer!
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