Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh So Pretty

Last week I showed you my hair-spiration, and now I get to show how that translated to an up-do on my own head.  First, let me tell you a bit about my hairstylist, K.  K has been doing my mom's hair for about 10 years.  She is hilarious.  She is older, but loves to go out and have a good time and loves to tell stories about the guys she dates.  She also has no problem telling you how it is.  My sister went in recently to have her hair cut into a bob, and K refused to cut it that short because she said Sister J's hair wouldn't hold up well in a bob.  So Sister J got her hair cut to her shoulders.  That's just how it is with K.

I went in for my appointment for a trim and while K was shampooing my hair, I told her my big plan to wear my hair trial to the wedding I was heading to that evening.  That was the moment when K refused.  She told me she would not allow me to attend a wedding with the hair I would have two months later at my own wedding.  So although we did the trial, it was fairly loose, and K took it out right after and did my hair for the wedding.  I know some people would be really annoyed with this will I know my hair will last 8+ hours???  But I have so much faith in K, and I know that my hair will be perfect and solid on the wedding day.

Enough talk, time for pictures

 I originally wanted it more to the side, but I love the way my hair looks all piled up in the back.

Obviously, the curls would be tighter and secured to my head better.  K also mentioned that on the morning of the wedding, she would use hot-roll curlers rather than the curling iron, because she thinks my hair will take better to that than the curling iron.

I also asked that the part on the top of my head go further back, because I had too much of a Snooki bump going on.

Although my hair was like this for about 3 minutes, I really did love it.  K is going to do a great job.

Here's why my hair looked like after she pulled it out.  I was pretty happy with that too.  And let me tell you, it held up even when I busted out my jumping dance moves to "Shout!"

Do you have a style expert in your life who tells you how it really is?

All personal photos.


  1. i think that's funny she wouldn't leave your hair in. she's right though! he's not supposed to see it ;)

  2. Ooo you're going to be so pretty!! I actually like the bump--the volume makes for such a nice silouhette (then again, you know how I feel about volume...).

    And, yes, that would be Cheryl. She makes fun of what I wear constantly.

    --Bridesmaid AF

  3. @AF - Haha - Cheryl, telling it like it is. I like it :)