Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More For My Bridesmaids

I threw together another DIY project for my lovely ladies, so ladies...scram!

Seriously, get out of here.
Go away.

Don't ruin surprises!

This was another project I decided to add to their bridesmaids gift, especially when I saw a great deal.  I love photos of bridesmaids and their brides on the morning of the wedding, decked out in matching gear, whether it's tank tops or robes or t-shirts.  For me though, I didn't think spending a good chunk of change on a bridesmaid tank top would be something worth doing.  I figured my ladies probably wouldn't wear these tanktops again, and I wanted to be sure that I gave them something they would actually use.  

However, when Old Navy had a $2 tank top sale, and I figured, what the heck?!  I ran to my nearest Old Navy as early as I could, which unfortunately, was not early enough (it was about 5pm the day of the sale).  The table of tank tops was pretty picked over.  I couldn't find enough tank tops in one color in each of the girls' sizes.

Instead, I opted to find them a tank top in their size, and picked colors that were relatively muted, fall appropriate colors.  I made sure to find Sister J a purple tank top, and she's the only one who will actually be in one of our wedding colors.  But the other girls have muted colors that still work well.  I had a pack of iron on letters in my closet left over from my t-shirt-making-days in college.  I started with Sister J's tank, but quickly realized I wasn't going to have enough letters for the other girls.  A quick perusal of eBay, and I found 6 brand new packs for under a dollar each.  Ordered, delivered, and after ironing while watching a few episodes of HIMYM (seriously, this show is hilarious...why did it take me so long to catch on???) I had 5 bridesmaid tank tops!

Personal Photo

The lighting here isn't great, but Sister J has a purple tank top, BM A has light green, BM Y has brown, BM AF has a darker green, and BM S is in black.  Not a perfect match, but hopefully they will like them.

And they're certainly not perfect.  There are a few letters that didn't quite stick and a couple places were I accidentally melted a letter that had already been placed.

From a distance, they seem ok, but here's a close up of BM S's S

Hers was the first I did, and unfortunately, after ironing, I didn't let the letters cool down before peeling the paper off.  This didn't give the letter enough time to adhere to the tank top, and although I tried to re-iron the rest on, it looks like this up close.

If you're going to attempt something like this, I'd also suggest using a towel to cover up letters that have already been ironed on if there are more to add.  A few times in the process of adding "Bridesmaid," the iron would touch the letters in one of the girls' names, melting it a little bit. 

So they're not perfect, but they were made with love.  For two dollars a tank top, and then an additional six dollars for the letters, this project cost me $3.20 a tank top.  Not a bad, silly, addition to the bridesmaids gifts!  Hopefully it will make for some cute photo opps on the morning of the wedding!

Did you ever make a project with iron-on letters?  My college BFF and I loved them!  We had some hilarious (or what we thought to be hilarious) t-shirts back in the day...

All personal photos.


  1. Aww they are super cute and made with love. You did a great job! I have made a shirt once with iron on letters and they came out about the same! Very difficult for some reason because they don't stick and then seem to rub off.

  2. These are great!! They're so special BECAUSE you made them and they'll photograph really well, I bet! So cute! I love when the pictures show all the girls wearing the same thing!

  3. These are so cute!!! I'm sure your gals are going to love them!!