Monday, August 22, 2011

Invitation Cost Break Down

At the beginning of wedding planning, I knew that invitations could be a significant part of the budget, so it was important to Mr. C and I to be able to DIY as much as we could and save some cash, if possible.  Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the cost breakdown of our invitations.  They came way under budget, which I know isn't something that always happens when you DIY for the sake of saving dough.  We also totally lucked out with our friendor, which was a huge surprise to Mr. C and I.

Invitation Budget: $600

Paper Products from Cards and Pockets:




Printing: Free, done by friendor

Ribbon from Michael's:  Approximately $30 (I lost track of how many spools we bought on sale, so I'm doing a generous guestimate, here)

Supplies from FMIL: Orange paper, purple paper, monogram stamp, embossing powder, and all our tools - Free

  • 179 guests invited 
  • 88 invitations sent 
  • 5 International 
  • 2 Canadian
  • $42.24 spent on postage for RSVP envelopes
  • $82.25 spent on postage for invitations ($0.88 domestic, $1.28 Canadian, $2.02 international)
  • Total postage: $124.49
Total Cost of 88 Invitations: $270.71

Cost Per Invitation: $3.07

Cost Per Invitation, Sans Postage: $2.19 

Mr. C and I were so pleased with how the invitations turned out and how the total cost broke down.  I always found it frustrating when I was searching for invitation inspiration to hear about the free stuff someone got from here or there, thinking that would never happen to me, and couldn't be something I budgeted for.  So we didn't, but we still managed to use our resources wisely, connect with friends who were willing to help, and we had great success in keeping our invitation budget low.

Also, I highly, highly recommend working with Cards and Pockets.  The customer service was incredible, the shipping was fast, the prices were reasonable, and even the printing service was great (we just opted not to use it since we had access to free printing).  The customer service team was easy to get in touch with, whether we had questions about how fast and accurate the ship date was, or whether some of the products arrived damaged (the card stock arrived with bent corners, and Cards and Pockets quickly refunded our money for that product).

I hope this breakdown is helpful rather than frustrating.  As I said, Mr. C and I had no expectations about having some of this process done for us by a friend, but we reached out to a few people we knew were in the industry, and people just seemed really eager to help us out! So be sure to talk to everyone you know, see who they know, and you never know what sort of help you may stumble upon!

Have you used any friendors in your wedding planning process?

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