Wednesday, August 10, 2011


One of my good friends from college is getting married on Saturday, and I'm using it as an excuse to head to the salon for my hair trial!  I'll be getting a trim first, which will be my last hair cut before the wedding, and then we'll do a mock-up of the hair I hope to achieve for the wedding day.  I also thought it would be great to see how the hair holds up to my inevitable dance off with the bride!

For reference, here is a picture of my hair, today:

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

It's the longest it's probably ever been, and I've done this intentionally for the wedding.  As you can see here, my hair can be pretty frizzy, and my style is pretty simple (I like to call it 'air dry on the subway when you're running late to work').

For the wedding, I'd like to have some sort of side-chignon that is fairly natural looking.  I don't want my hair slicked to my head, as the frizzies don't like that, and I've found in my life it's better to embrace the frizz than to try and deny it.

Here are some of the styles I plan on bringing with me to the salon.  I can't wait to share how the trial goes!

This first one I pinned on Pinterest for the hairstyle at the top.  I love the structured, yet totally natural and organic feel to this up-do

Source / Photo by Ana Santos
This is another board that I pinned, and I really love each and ever one of these styles, although style three is probably my favorite, again, although it has structure, it appears more natural and loose

Source /  (clockwise from upper left corner): 1 Twigs & Honey, 2 and 4-10 via Pinterest, 3 The Knot

This is the look in the top that I'm interested in.  My love of SMG may be slightly involved here.  Buffy, anyone?


This next up-do I'm looking at for the structure of the bun, but I'd want mine pulled to the side more:

I love the body in Taylor Swift's hair here, but I'm probably going to want to have my hair straight - but if a wave in my hair achieves more of the natural look I want, then this wouldn't be half bad either:

Finally, Jessica Alba's structure in the front is almost exactly what I hope to have, I'm just going to have to hope it works with a veil and flower in my hair:

These lucky ladies!  They get so many chances to have an up-do done for different events, it's easy to experiment with different styles.  I can't think of many more events in my life where I'll have an up-do, so this is going to be a big decision!

Any other thoughts or advice before I hit the salon on Saturday?

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  1. i cant wait to see how your hair turns out! take lots of pictures!