Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Medical School:

I hate you.  Seriously, I do.  In a 3-year-old-tantrum-kicking-and-screaming-Ihatechu-Ihatechu-Ihatechu sense.


I can't imagine I hate med school more than Mr. C does, but now that I'm no longer in school, and I have a fairly easy-going schedule, I hate the way medical school consumes his time, energy, and focus.  I hate that Mr. C misses out on fun weekends away, painful weekends of licking, stuffing, stamping, and mailing wedding invitations, and that Mr. C is a stress ball as he prepares for his big exam in two weeks. 

And it's not going to get much better, is it?

There are definitely perks though.  Mr. C has wanted to be a doctor since he was in middle school, he loves the work he does, and he's really looking forward to his career.  It's just a long, hard road to get there.  But once he IS there (wherever there may be), he's going to love the job he does every day, be fascinated by new research and advancements, and really will be able to do good for sick people.  That's a lot more than I can say for my day job.

I'm definitely being a whiny baby, because Mr. C is the one who is working so hard, and I'm just the one who is sad that she doesn't have anyone to watch terrible TV with.

What keeps your significant other distracted and busy?  Do you hate it or appreciate it for what it's worth?

And yes, I did mention mailing wedding invitations.  They've been keeping me pretty occupied for the past two weeks but they are OUT.  I'm going to give them a few more days for people to receive them, but then there will be an invitation-posting-marathon.


  1. i'm sorry you miss your honey. he'll be done soon and you can have him back all to yourself! just keep up your strength! if anything, you have all of us blog buddies to help you through it :) also, good to know your invites are out! that's SO exciting!

  2. It will all be worth it in the long run, I know my future hubbs feels leftout when I spend sooo much time on the blogger or wedding planing. Maybe plan like one night a week for couple time..like a date night or a movie night or a tv series night just so that you can look forward to something and cherish that time you spend together when all attention is on you! :)

  3. We totally should be hanging out. Brandon has just started studying for the 2 nd step and I am tantruming.

    I am having the exact same frustration/ know I should be proud of him for being so diligent as well as freakin out Re:wedding invites.

    If you wanna watch trash tv/go for a walk...I'm here.