Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who Are Our People? The Ladies.

After all the talk about dressing all these people up, I probably should actually introduce them to you, yes?  Were you dying with curiosity to get to know our fantabulistic (yeah, I made that word up) bridal party?

Matron of Honor Sister J

This is one of my favorite photos from her wedding day.  Sister J and I have known each other forever (duh!), and we are alike in so many uncanny ways.  I was thrilled to be her MOH, and I can't wait for her to stand next to me when it's my turn.  Sister J has been super awesome about helping me out with wedding errands, listening to me run through idea after idea, and snagging some ideas from weddings she's attended.  She loves to be involved, she speaks up for me when I won't do it, and she's an amazing sister and friend.  Oh, and her baby is pretty cute.

Bridesmaid AF

Bridesmaid AF is on the right.  We've been friends since high school, and although many of our interests remain the same sometimes our busy lives get in the way (what, we can't stay up all night watching old Judy Garland musicals anymore?).  She moved to NYC about a year ago, and it's been amazing living this close to her, as we haven't been this close geographically since high school!

I included a picture with Honorary BM AS.  I asked AS to be a bridesmaid, but she found out she was expecting...and due the day before my wedding!  We are working under the assumption that AS will be busy bringing her son into this world, but she has still been tremendously helpful and great to talk with about all wedding related stuff!  She and I have been BFF since high school, and we share many nerdy passions.

Bridesmaid S

Bridesmaid S and I were randomly assigned to be freshman year roommates in college...and it's been love ever since.  She was there to watch Mr. C and I blossom and grow (she remembers getting yelled at by her Dad for yelling too loudly after I told her Mr. C and I were 'official'), she partied hard with us, and our friendship has stayed strong past college and into our years in New York.  She's been a great listener when wedding stuff can get stressful and she's a natural planner, so you know that's going to be handy!

Bridesmaid AB and Bridesmaid Y

Bridesmaid Y is on the left and Bridesmaid AB is in the middle.  I met AB through Bridesmaid S, actually.  They were in the same service fraternity in college and when AB and her current roommate needed two girls to move into a better dorm on campus, they turned to S and her current roommate (me!).  The four of us ended up in the best room on campus, and had a ball doing it.  We all lived together again senior year of college, and AB moved down to NYC right after college as well.  We've been close ever since, and she's my favorite bike-riding buddy.  She also watches a plethora of wedding shows, and is always fun to giggle with her about some of the ridiculous things wedding-related on TV.

Bridesmaid Y and I met while studying abroad in London, and our friendship was clinched when we danced on a boat in the middle of the Thames to Bon Jovi.  It's been non-stop ever since.  We maintained our friendship when we returned to campus, and she moved down to NYC immediately following college as well.  Mr. C, Y, AB and I spent many Friday nights our first year in NYC attempting to re-live the glory days of college.  Y is an amazing friend, and I'm so excited to have her stand by me on my wedding day!

Flower Girl Baby J

This is my niece, Baby J.  Yes, it is true, she IS the cutest baby of all time.  And, my little twinkle toes.  Baby J will be our flower girl, and Sister J is working hard to get that baby walking in time (not really!  no pressure Baby J!  develop at your own pace!)  As a former dancer, and someone who is obsessed with the ballet, my goal is to make Baby J look like as much like a mini-ballerina-flower-girl as possible.  The tulle skirt I found is really helping me achieve that.

So those are the ladies of our bridal party, who have all been amazing, ridiculously generous, fun, and above all, my greatest friends.  I'm a lucky lady.

How did you choose the women of your bridal party?  Was it hard for you to pick?

All personal photos.


  1. Wow! It looks like you have a great group of close friends. I'm sure they'll look after you well in the run up to your wedding day :)

  2. What a beautiful and great group of friends you have sharing your wedding day with you!! Friends are sooo important and so helpful when it comes time to help with those wedding tasks still on your pesky little to do list. Oh I kid I kid! :p

  3. You've got a great crew!!! Having good people around you helps so much.

  4. I love that picture of the three of us! I wish the timing was a little different, but thanks for always including me in the chitchat and sharing the details! <3 <3