Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Are Our People? The Dudes.

I introduced you to the ladies of the JennyMr.CWeddingExtravaganza, so now, let me tell you about the dudes who are equally as awesome as the ladies and close with both Mr. C and I.

Best Man M

This is me, Best Man M, and Mr. C at our good friend's wedding last August.  Best Man M has been super close with Mr. C and I since our freshman year of college, and Mr. C and BMM lived together senior year of college (although, I probably spent that much time in that house too...).  BMM moved down to NYC last year, and it's been great to live so close again, as we did in college.  Mr. C and BMM enjoy singing (loudly), drinking whisky, and generally being ridiculous together.  But BMM also has been a great help and willing to help us out as needed for wedding stuff.

Groomsman E

Mr. C and I both met Groomsman E in our group in undergrad.  After college, he moved to LA, and Mr. C and I only had one opportunity to make the trip out there.  But soon after, GME called us with the news he was moving to NYC and asked if he could stay with us.  He lived in our spare room for a few weeks while he was looking for a place and our friendship fell right back into place.  Mr. C and GME lived together in Spain while they studied abroad, and traveling is one of their shared passions.  They've been more places together then Mr. C and I have, but they've allowed me to come on a few trips with them :)  GME might be more excited about the wedding than me.  It's pretty close!

Groomsman Brother M

This is my younger brother, M on my graduation day last year.  Brother M is much younger than me (10 years!) but he is a great friend to both Mr. C and I.  He's funny, good to talk to, and loves to spend with Mr. C and I.  He isn't really into weddings, but he made sure to find out what Mr. C's intentions were when he asked my parents' permission to propose to me.  So even though he is younger, he is looking out for me.

Groomsman Brother-in-law D

This is BIL D being fake iced at his wedding after party.  Sister J and BIL D got married last October, and Mr. C and I used their wedding after party as the appropriate time to ask BIL D to be in our wedding (we were really excited, but had decided not to ask until after they were married...ya know, for about 5 hours).  BIL D has fit right into our family, and the four of us enjoy spending time, drinking Hypnotiq, playing cards, and laughing together.  It's awesome having BIL D as part of our family and part of our bridal party.

Groomsman B

GM B goes to med school with Mr. C (poor guys...) and he and his fiance, J are getting married two weeks after Mr. C and I.  GM B and Mr. C help each other get through med school and J and I use each other as wedding planning buddies.  They both have been great friends to us and great for (all four of us) to get through the med school process.  Mr. C will also be a groomsman in their wedding in November!

Ring Bearer W

This is W, my adorable cousin.  He's the youngest of four and going to be a great ring bearer, pulling Baby J down the aisle in the wagon.

So those are the male members of the bridal party.  They round out the fabulous-awesome-hilariously-fun-amazing people that will be standing by us on our big day.  I'm excited to hang their pictures on my wall!  They are definitely people in our life that will be friends with us forever and stand by us through thick and thin.

We're under 100 days now and things are getting more and more real!  I'm so excited to hang out with our bridal party, wear my pretty dress, and of course, marry Mr. C.

What are you counting down to?

All personal photos.

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