Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The DIY Fail and Recover

Remember my DIY fail?  I fixed it!  Let me show you the fail and then the recovery.  But first...

Back Off Busy Bee Bridesmaids:

This Post is NOT for you.  

Seriously, go away.

They're gone, right?

Ok, good.

I really love photos of all the details of a wedding.  The brides's dress, shoe, and jewelry.  The paper goods, escort cards, and place settings.  But my real favorites are of the getting ready process, especially the dresses.  There are some photos that inspired this DIY project

Source / Photo by John O'Connor Photographer

Source / Photo by Elizabeth Greely Photography

There are also two amazing photos here that are worth clicking through to.

Based on these photos, can you guess what I DIY'ed?

Hangers!  I would have loved to gift the girls each with a wire hanger with their name on it, but that would have been essentially my entire gift budget....and that just didn't seem like that type of gift that would really keep on giving.  So I tried to go a more budget route.

One trip to Christmas Tree Sop, and I was the proud owner of 10 wooden hangers, for only $2!  What a bargain!  My next stop was Michael's, to pick up some paint and paint brushes.  This is one of my DIY-fail-lessons: spend the extra money for better product.  I bought two tubes of paint for 95 cents each and a pack of brushes that was two dollars.  Here I was, thinking this gift for five girls would cost me less than $5, but instead, I ended up with this:

Yeah, that's not pretty / Personal photo
It wasn't cute.  My friend N and I tried to salvage the project and think of ways to use the paint that would make a cute hanger, but it just didn't work out (thank goodness the hangers came in a pack of 10!).

To salvage the project, I hit an art store in Brooklyn and purchased a DecoColor Paint Marker.  This was definitely a little more pricey then my 95 cent paint, but it was definitely worth the investment.

I printed out the initials of each of the girls in a pretty font, and cut (ok, I ripped) them into squares that would fit on top of the hangers.

Personal photo

Personal photo

I just did my best to center it on the hanger, but wasn't too stressed about how it sat on there.

Personal photo

I used a sharp pencil and traced the letter onto the hanger.  I pressed hard enough that it created a slight indent on the hanger so that I could see the outline of the letter when I removed the paper.

Personal photo

I used the paint pen to trace along the indent I had created (I wasn't a fan of the middle squiggle on the J, so I just left it off).  It only took two coats to get a great color and the entire project didn't take me more than 15 minutes.  When I finished, I ended up with five monogrammed hangers:

Personal photo

Sure, it didn't cost me five dollars, but I think the extra money was well spent to get a much better product.  I hope the girls will love them, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the dresses hanging next to mine on the big day!


  1. i LOVE how they turned out (post-fail lol)! they came out great. do some for my bridesmaids? lol jk

  2. Those came out awesome too and I like that you pushed a little hard on the pencil to make an indent in the hanger. What a wonderful idea..and you may have inspired me to try to make them too. I wonder if I could use a stencil on the hangers..?

  3. Awwww...that's such a cute project! They are going to make for some awesome detail shots.

  4. Ah, so smart! I wish I had done this!