Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Changes

Hey blog friends!  Exciting news from the world of Jenny Busy Bee - my blog header is going to have to change...I am NO LONGER unemployed :)  It feels amazing.

One year ago on this date, I finished taking the New York bar exam, and now, I'm officially employed.  A start date is yet to be determined, so I'm going to take this time to really experience FUNemployment, and enjoy August.

For now, I'm forcing Mr. C to take off the night from studying, we're going out to dinner, and finally popping that expensive bottle of champagne Dad Busy Bee bought me on the day I passed the bar.  Wahoo!


Your employed blogging friend :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The DIY Fail and Recover

Remember my DIY fail?  I fixed it!  Let me show you the fail and then the recovery.  But first...

Back Off Busy Bee Bridesmaids:

This Post is NOT for you.  

Seriously, go away.

They're gone, right?

Ok, good.

I really love photos of all the details of a wedding.  The brides's dress, shoe, and jewelry.  The paper goods, escort cards, and place settings.  But my real favorites are of the getting ready process, especially the dresses.  There are some photos that inspired this DIY project

Source / Photo by John O'Connor Photographer

Source / Photo by Elizabeth Greely Photography

There are also two amazing photos here that are worth clicking through to.

Based on these photos, can you guess what I DIY'ed?

Hangers!  I would have loved to gift the girls each with a wire hanger with their name on it, but that would have been essentially my entire gift budget....and that just didn't seem like that type of gift that would really keep on giving.  So I tried to go a more budget route.

One trip to Christmas Tree Sop, and I was the proud owner of 10 wooden hangers, for only $2!  What a bargain!  My next stop was Michael's, to pick up some paint and paint brushes.  This is one of my DIY-fail-lessons: spend the extra money for better product.  I bought two tubes of paint for 95 cents each and a pack of brushes that was two dollars.  Here I was, thinking this gift for five girls would cost me less than $5, but instead, I ended up with this:

Yeah, that's not pretty / Personal photo
It wasn't cute.  My friend N and I tried to salvage the project and think of ways to use the paint that would make a cute hanger, but it just didn't work out (thank goodness the hangers came in a pack of 10!).

To salvage the project, I hit an art store in Brooklyn and purchased a DecoColor Paint Marker.  This was definitely a little more pricey then my 95 cent paint, but it was definitely worth the investment.

I printed out the initials of each of the girls in a pretty font, and cut (ok, I ripped) them into squares that would fit on top of the hangers.

Personal photo

Personal photo

I just did my best to center it on the hanger, but wasn't too stressed about how it sat on there.

Personal photo

I used a sharp pencil and traced the letter onto the hanger.  I pressed hard enough that it created a slight indent on the hanger so that I could see the outline of the letter when I removed the paper.

Personal photo

I used the paint pen to trace along the indent I had created (I wasn't a fan of the middle squiggle on the J, so I just left it off).  It only took two coats to get a great color and the entire project didn't take me more than 15 minutes.  When I finished, I ended up with five monogrammed hangers:

Personal photo

Sure, it didn't cost me five dollars, but I think the extra money was well spent to get a much better product.  I hope the girls will love them, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the dresses hanging next to mine on the big day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Are Our People? The Dudes.

I introduced you to the ladies of the JennyMr.CWeddingExtravaganza, so now, let me tell you about the dudes who are equally as awesome as the ladies and close with both Mr. C and I.

Best Man M

This is me, Best Man M, and Mr. C at our good friend's wedding last August.  Best Man M has been super close with Mr. C and I since our freshman year of college, and Mr. C and BMM lived together senior year of college (although, I probably spent that much time in that house too...).  BMM moved down to NYC last year, and it's been great to live so close again, as we did in college.  Mr. C and BMM enjoy singing (loudly), drinking whisky, and generally being ridiculous together.  But BMM also has been a great help and willing to help us out as needed for wedding stuff.

Groomsman E

Mr. C and I both met Groomsman E in our group in undergrad.  After college, he moved to LA, and Mr. C and I only had one opportunity to make the trip out there.  But soon after, GME called us with the news he was moving to NYC and asked if he could stay with us.  He lived in our spare room for a few weeks while he was looking for a place and our friendship fell right back into place.  Mr. C and GME lived together in Spain while they studied abroad, and traveling is one of their shared passions.  They've been more places together then Mr. C and I have, but they've allowed me to come on a few trips with them :)  GME might be more excited about the wedding than me.  It's pretty close!

Groomsman Brother M

This is my younger brother, M on my graduation day last year.  Brother M is much younger than me (10 years!) but he is a great friend to both Mr. C and I.  He's funny, good to talk to, and loves to spend with Mr. C and I.  He isn't really into weddings, but he made sure to find out what Mr. C's intentions were when he asked my parents' permission to propose to me.  So even though he is younger, he is looking out for me.

Groomsman Brother-in-law D

This is BIL D being fake iced at his wedding after party.  Sister J and BIL D got married last October, and Mr. C and I used their wedding after party as the appropriate time to ask BIL D to be in our wedding (we were really excited, but had decided not to ask until after they were married...ya know, for about 5 hours).  BIL D has fit right into our family, and the four of us enjoy spending time, drinking Hypnotiq, playing cards, and laughing together.  It's awesome having BIL D as part of our family and part of our bridal party.

Groomsman B

GM B goes to med school with Mr. C (poor guys...) and he and his fiance, J are getting married two weeks after Mr. C and I.  GM B and Mr. C help each other get through med school and J and I use each other as wedding planning buddies.  They both have been great friends to us and great for (all four of us) to get through the med school process.  Mr. C will also be a groomsman in their wedding in November!

Ring Bearer W

This is W, my adorable cousin.  He's the youngest of four and going to be a great ring bearer, pulling Baby J down the aisle in the wagon.

So those are the male members of the bridal party.  They round out the fabulous-awesome-hilariously-fun-amazing people that will be standing by us on our big day.  I'm excited to hang their pictures on my wall!  They are definitely people in our life that will be friends with us forever and stand by us through thick and thin.

We're under 100 days now and things are getting more and more real!  I'm so excited to hang out with our bridal party, wear my pretty dress, and of course, marry Mr. C.

What are you counting down to?

All personal photos.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've been admitted!  I'm finally (FINALLY!) able to practice law in the state of New York!

I spent the day celebrating with Mr. C and my mom, who came in to NYC for 36 hours.

Here I am, just before we said our oath before five justices:

Mr. C's picture
Officially, I'm an esquire!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who Are Our People? The Ladies.

After all the talk about dressing all these people up, I probably should actually introduce them to you, yes?  Were you dying with curiosity to get to know our fantabulistic (yeah, I made that word up) bridal party?

Matron of Honor Sister J

This is one of my favorite photos from her wedding day.  Sister J and I have known each other forever (duh!), and we are alike in so many uncanny ways.  I was thrilled to be her MOH, and I can't wait for her to stand next to me when it's my turn.  Sister J has been super awesome about helping me out with wedding errands, listening to me run through idea after idea, and snagging some ideas from weddings she's attended.  She loves to be involved, she speaks up for me when I won't do it, and she's an amazing sister and friend.  Oh, and her baby is pretty cute.

Bridesmaid AF

Bridesmaid AF is on the right.  We've been friends since high school, and although many of our interests remain the same sometimes our busy lives get in the way (what, we can't stay up all night watching old Judy Garland musicals anymore?).  She moved to NYC about a year ago, and it's been amazing living this close to her, as we haven't been this close geographically since high school!

I included a picture with Honorary BM AS.  I asked AS to be a bridesmaid, but she found out she was expecting...and due the day before my wedding!  We are working under the assumption that AS will be busy bringing her son into this world, but she has still been tremendously helpful and great to talk with about all wedding related stuff!  She and I have been BFF since high school, and we share many nerdy passions.

Bridesmaid S

Bridesmaid S and I were randomly assigned to be freshman year roommates in college...and it's been love ever since.  She was there to watch Mr. C and I blossom and grow (she remembers getting yelled at by her Dad for yelling too loudly after I told her Mr. C and I were 'official'), she partied hard with us, and our friendship has stayed strong past college and into our years in New York.  She's been a great listener when wedding stuff can get stressful and she's a natural planner, so you know that's going to be handy!

Bridesmaid AB and Bridesmaid Y

Bridesmaid Y is on the left and Bridesmaid AB is in the middle.  I met AB through Bridesmaid S, actually.  They were in the same service fraternity in college and when AB and her current roommate needed two girls to move into a better dorm on campus, they turned to S and her current roommate (me!).  The four of us ended up in the best room on campus, and had a ball doing it.  We all lived together again senior year of college, and AB moved down to NYC right after college as well.  We've been close ever since, and she's my favorite bike-riding buddy.  She also watches a plethora of wedding shows, and is always fun to giggle with her about some of the ridiculous things wedding-related on TV.

Bridesmaid Y and I met while studying abroad in London, and our friendship was clinched when we danced on a boat in the middle of the Thames to Bon Jovi.  It's been non-stop ever since.  We maintained our friendship when we returned to campus, and she moved down to NYC immediately following college as well.  Mr. C, Y, AB and I spent many Friday nights our first year in NYC attempting to re-live the glory days of college.  Y is an amazing friend, and I'm so excited to have her stand by me on my wedding day!

Flower Girl Baby J

This is my niece, Baby J.  Yes, it is true, she IS the cutest baby of all time.  And, my little twinkle toes.  Baby J will be our flower girl, and Sister J is working hard to get that baby walking in time (not really!  no pressure Baby J!  develop at your own pace!)  As a former dancer, and someone who is obsessed with the ballet, my goal is to make Baby J look like as much like a mini-ballerina-flower-girl as possible.  The tulle skirt I found is really helping me achieve that.

So those are the ladies of our bridal party, who have all been amazing, ridiculously generous, fun, and above all, my greatest friends.  I'm a lucky lady.

How did you choose the women of your bridal party?  Was it hard for you to pick?

All personal photos.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dress You Up In My Love!

Oh, old school Madonna.  So catchy!  And your arms don't terrify me.

Anyway, the final people we have to dress in the wedding party are Mr. C and the groomsmen.  This process was way less painful then dressing the girls (shocking, I know!).

Mr. C emailed me one day that he had been exploring suits on and found a great deal on a tux.  One call to Best Man M, and the three of us were on our way to Macy's to check it out.  Mr. C grabbed his size, went into the fitting room, and a decision was quickly made.


Easy peasy.  The tux was on sale for an unreal price so Mr. C scooped it up without hesitation.

Unfortunately, Mr. C started working out more regularly a little while ago and has bulked up a bit.  When he put the tuxedo back on, it was a little tighter on his shoulders.  We're not really sure if this is going to be an issue, whether Mr. C will have to stop working out, or can exchange for another size, so to be safe, we went to Men's Warehouse to pick out the tuxes for the rest of the groomsmen, as well as to have Mr. C measured in case he opts to rent.


Mr. C's choice was pretty simple, as this was the only tux they provided that had everything Mr. C was looking for (I honestly had no idea about some of this stuff - different notches in the lapel?  Sureeeee, that one is best!). 

Although Men's Warehouse was a clear choice for us based on the ease of everyone being able to get in for measurements, as well as proximity to our wedding location, the guy we worked with was a total over-seller (I thought Mr. C's mom was going to slap him after we'd been there for awhile - he kept telling Mr. C that "Jenny has been planning this day when she was 3, so we want to be sure she's happy."...Dude, it's his wedding too).  We went two weeks ago, and Mr. C has already received 3-4 phone calls "just to check in."  I don't think we really have an option to choose anywhere else though, so this is going to be an annoyance we have to put up with.  Has anyone else experienced the hounding that we are?

So just like that, the men's tuxedos have been picked.  We still aren't sure if they will wear a tie or a bowtie, but if that is the biggest concern we have, I'm really not concerned at all.

Did you find menswear to be a much easier decision to make than for the girls?  What was the worst salesperson experience you have ever had?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Other Dress Hunt: Lots of dresses, lots of exhaustion, and a winner!

For our last trip, Bridesmaid AF, AB, Y, S and I met bright and early on a Saturday to tackle three dress shops.  Let me tell you, do not do this hungover.  I.  Was.  Tired.  And I didn't even have to take dresses on and off constantly.

But the girls were total troopers and we (they) tried on so, so many dresses.  It was really great though to see so many different styles on all of the girls.  Here's a small collection of the dresses we looked at:

Yeah, like I said, just a "small" assortment.  We shopped for about seven hours, and then I went home and contemplated our options.  I wanted to look at price, variety, color, and what dress made the girls happy.  Picking one option, I called Sister J and asked her to go try this dress on.  She did, and gave me the thumbs up.  So we had our dress:

Alfred Angelo Style 7141 in Burnt Orange:

We're going to add something to Sister J's dress to make her stand out more, but the ease of everyone wearing the same dress that we all loved really won me over.  Each of the girls liked the dress, it's a flattering style on everyone, and it was a really great price.

So bridesmaid dresses have been ordered!  They should be in about a month and a half before the wedding, giving the girls plenty of time to have them altered as necessary.  I love checking things off my list!

What style of bridesmaid dress did you choose?  Did you take all the girls out at once, shop online, or have them go and send you pictures?

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Other Dress Hunt, Part II

Before deciding whether we would pick matching dresses or mis-matched dress, I figured it would be a good idea to actually see some dresses in person.  I made three different dates: 1) David's Bridal with BM AF, 2) Bridal shop with Sister J, and 3) Marathon shopping day with all the girls, minus Sister J.

The trip to David's Bridal was actually because BM AF had to order her dress for another wedding she is in, so I figured I would tag along and check out some of the options.  Here are some of the dresses we looked at:

Style 83707

Style F14227

Style F14212

BM AF in Style 83707 / I'm in Style F14227
Although the dresses and the price were exactly what we had been thinking about, unfortunately the color was not.  The only orange color available was a pumpkin orange, not the burnt orange I was thinking about.  So although there were nice browns and purples, I really had my heart set on burnt orange.  We didn't cross it totally off the list, but I knew I wanted to find some burnt orange dresses before I made a decision.

Trip number two was with Sister J up near where she lives to check out some Alfred Angelo and Jim Hjelm styles I liked.

Our clear favorite of what was available was Alfred Angelo Style 7017 

After Sister J was already dressed, Mom Busy Bee found this one that I took note of as well, Alfred Angelo Style 7016

With all this information, I set up a date with the other four NYC bridesmaids to check out a number of shops that carried almost all these dresses, plus a few more.

How many trips did it take you to find your bridesmaid dresses?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Back!

Hey all!  I can't believe my last post was almost two weeks ago!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

The reason for my disappearance was the ending of a contract job I had, which required me to be my butt off, vacation with my family for the 4th of July, and time off with Mr. C that included invitation assembly, food tasting, planning meeting, cake tasting, photographer meeting, after-party planning, day-after breakfast plans, and picking out tuxes for the groomsmen.

So hence the lengthy disappearance.  But that means many juicy posts to come - get excited!  I'm getting more and more excited as we close in on our wedding date.  It is going to be such an amazing day!

My Google reader needs to be caught up on as well, but how is your planning going?  The days are zooming by, right???