Thursday, June 2, 2011

What We Did in Miami

I wanted to share with you where we stayed and the places we went in Miami.  It was definitely a beautiful place to visit, with great places to eat and fun bars to check out.  Hopefully I can remember the names of all the places we visited...

Mayfair Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove

Pictures above from the Mayfair Website

The Mayfair was spectacular.  There were three rooms between ten of us, and two of them were suites.  The beds were ridiculously comfortable, there was a ton of room (even though the two suites had a stand up piano in it), and the housekeeping staff lined up my pairs of shoes next to my suitcase everyday.  We didn't see a lot of the staff outside the rooftop, but the ones on the rooftop were super accommodating and helpful, moving around chairs and umbrellas and bringing water and drinks as needed.

The spa was I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.  Comfy robes, water and tea, and two great masseuses.  It was a beautiful space, and super duper relaxing.  Bridesmaid Y wants to replicate their lounge and have her own "zen room" someday.

The hotel was a $26 cab ride from the hotel, even with a little traffic.  The ride to Miami Beach and South Beach was a bit longer (although, as I mentioned before, I was riding in the trunk, so I'm not really sure how much longer) and we didn't take a cab, so I can't really give any information on that.  But if you're looking to be in South Beach until all hours of the night, it might not be your best bet.

Coconut Grove was a really cute area with great shops in the Coco Walk (mostly chain stores) and bars and restaurants in the area.  We really didn't need to leave a mile radius for anything other than the beach...but we had the rooftop pool, instead!

So basically, on a scale of one to you should stay here, the Mayfair gets a you should stay here.  It was really great.


Scarpetta was delicious.  Pricey, fancy, small portions, your classic fancy-schmancy restaurant.  But it was really yummy.  It was also in a beautiful hotel, the Fontainebleau, and we spent a little bit of time people watching by the pool.

If you can afford it, and you like fancy Italian food, I recommend Scarpetta.


The CocoWalk was right across from our hotel and had a bunch of fun options.  There were a few bars, including Fat Daiquiri and a Hooters, restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory and Chili's, and stores like the Gap, White House Black Market, and Victoria's Secret.

We hit Fat Daiquiri on Friday night and the crowd was....interesting.  Interesting mix of people.  And mostly, interesting jello shots.  We had fun.  Saturday night was spent under the Fat Daiquiri at a smaller bar, enjoying some quiet conversation.

I wouldn't go out of my way for CocoWalk if I wasn't in the area, but it was a good place to hang out since we were so close!

The Jaguar

Ceviche restaurant!

Dinner here was fantastic.  The ceviche sampler was fresh and delicious with a great variety of flavors.  The atmosphere was a little deceiving.  The people outside seemed to be dressed way more casually then the people on the inside, but it didn't really matter.  The worst part about the meal was that to get a real "jungle feel" (I swear, this is what our waitress told us), the lights flickered on and off.  Make it more of a jungle atmosphere, I guess?  A few glasses of sangria later, we barely noticed.  But if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, consider yourself warned.

The Jaguar gets a Busy Bee thumbs up!

The Clevelander

This was the bar we went to on Saturday afternoon in South Beach.  It had a very Spring Break-midafternoon-party vibe to it.  But we had a blast.  The waitstaff was super friendly, the manager bought us a round of shots, and invited us back for VIP service later in the night.  We never made it back, but it was super fun there.  Two Busy Bee recommendations for this place (if you like the party atmosphere!)

Taverna Opa

This place was super fun, and obviously catered to bachelorette parties (including a complimentary bottle of champagne!).  We had a blast dancing around on the tables, admiring the belly dancers, and enjoying the fun music.  As I mentioned before, this place wasn't really what we had expected it to be, but we still had a blast.  For me, it was the combination of all the sun I got that day, the day drinking, the lights and music, and eating Greek food while drinking a cranberry-orange-sprite-vodka mixed drink (we got a bottle of vodka, and those were the mixers provided) that left me feeling a little...well, sick.  I think if I had gone there fresh and ready to party, things would definitely have been better.  And after getting some air, I did feel refreshed.  And to warn you, the older ladies in the group found the place a little loud...but I think my New York City ears were pretty well adjusted. 

I do recommend Taverna Opa, it was really fun, but I wouldn't go in there if you can't handle the club-like atmosphere!

Those are pretty much all the places we hit over the bachelorette weekend...not too bad, huh?  And none of them were misses, I would recommend all of them!

Have you ever been to Miami?  What was the best place (restaurant or bar) you went to while you were there?  Never been?  Any of these places sound like a place that you would want to hang out at?


  1. Those places look AMAZING! Looks like you had a great time. I love Miami!!

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