Thursday, June 16, 2011

On The Hunt: Monday Funday

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After our adventures at Kleinfeld's, Mom Busy Bee and Sister J and I had scheduled our Monday shopping trip around RK Bridal, Priscilla of Boston, and the Saks Bridal Salon.

RK Bridal didn't take appointments, so we decided that would be our first stop and hope to get there before the 'crowds' rushed in.  Then our plan was to make it across town to Saks, a quick lunch, then an appointment at Priscilla before Mom Busy Bee and Sister J had to hit the road. 

When the doors at RK Bridal opened, there was the three of us, and one other girl with her mother.  If you can make it on a weekday, I highly suggest it.  We weren't battling anyone to get a consultant, and we had the full attention of our consultant.  We also had no time limit imposed by RK Bridal, we just had to make it out to the other appointments in time. 

I can't remember my consultant's name (but I will call her Ruth, as that seems to be a great I'm-an-older-woman-who-works-in-a-bridal-store name), but she was great.  She let Sister, Mom and I roam freely around the store, pulling dresses, looking through the stock.  We all pulled a few dresses, and Ruth had a good sense of the dress I was looking for after I showed her some photos from Kleinfeld's and told her she had "stiff competition."  (Yes, I turned dress shopping into a compeition.  So what??)

Originally, we were told we were limited to trying on 8 dresses, but we quickly accumulated a stack of 18 or so.  The first dress that Ruth pulled on me had a corset back and she spent some time lacing the back up.  I came out of the dressing room, and Mom, Sister and I quickly eliminated the dress.  Ruth told me that if I have an immediate reaction to the dress, to go with it.  We had a lot of dresses to go through, and she wanted to be sure I saw everything I was interested in.

With that in mind, we continued, and I was able to eliminate some dress pretty quickly.  Whether it was shape, material, or something else, I pulled them up and quickly took them back off without even stepping out of the room.  Even if this may have been a little frustrating to Mom and Sister J, it gave me exactly what I was looking for: the chance to try on many, many, many dresses. 

At one point in the stack, we got to a dress that Ruth had pulled while in the middle of our dress-trying-on-marathon.  She told me they had just got it in stock, but she thought it would suit my taste well.  When I pulled it on, Sister J and Mom Busy Bee liked it right away.  But I kept looking longingly at the stack of dresses we still had left.  Isn't that why I left Kleinfeld's?  Because I wasn't ready to commit, because I hadn't seen enough dresses?

I kept the dress on longer than the others, but eventually took it off.  Ruth and I kept trucking through our pile, but three dresses later, I had to be honest with her.  I stopped her from pulling the next dress, and just pointed to the dress she had pulled.  "Ruth, I really just want to put that dress back on."

When I came out of the dressing room without announcing to Mom and Sister what my plan was, they smiled at me knowingly.  Mom started to get a little teary eyed, and Sister J rushed off, looking for veils.  I walked back and forth across the floor, feeling how the asymmetrical skirt pulled.  Sister J put the veil on my head, but it didn't take that veil for me to feel bridal, as it did at Kleinfeld's.  This amazing gown already made me feel like a bride.

I turned to Mom and Sister J, and without a tear in my eye, I calmly told them that this was my dress.  This was the one I wanted Mr. C to see as I walked down the aisle.  This was the dress I wanted to be married in.

Then, came the tears.  I mean, I'm a crier, the fact I stayed dry-eyed that long is remarkable.

So here she is, Delaware by Blue By Enzoani.  It's love.


Back detail and asymmetrical skirt.  Source.

Detailing on the hip.  Source.

Without Ruth, Del-Del (that's what I call her) and I would never have met.  Thank you, Ruth.  Thank you so so much.  Eek!  Can't wait to wear her on the big day!

Did anyone unexpected help you find the perfect dress for you?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I also find it very sweet that it all came together with your mama and your sister and you. xo

  2. The dress is stunning! The detailing on the hip is gorgeous. Was it Gilda who helped you at RK?

  3. @mygirlsimple: I know. I think it was fate. Although I love shopping with everyone at Kleinfeld's, it was overwhelming. Having just two voices to listen to made my decision-making easier :)

    @The Vintage Modern Bride: Thanks! I'm so excited to wear it :) It came into the shop a few weeks ago and I still love it just as much

    @k: You know MAY have been Gilda! Shorter, older woman with an accent??? She was really fantastic. I've been back a couple times (dress fitting, bridesmaids) and I gave her a little wave cause I feel like I know her. She, of course, has no recollection of me. Haha!

  4. That's my dress too!! I just found your blog by searching the name of the dress in google :) Congrats!!!

  5. I just tried this dress on too and I fell in LOVE!!! It's totally my dress even though it was not what I thought I would like at all! It is the most amazing dress! I love that you call it Del-Del :)

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