Friday, June 3, 2011

On the Hunt: Dress Shopping at the Kleinfeld Sample Sale, Part 3

I received an email about the Kleinfeld Sample Sale from...some wedding website that I signed up for.  Which one it was, I'm not even sure.  At that time, I was getting a lot of daily emails from different places.  Some of them were relevant, but most weren't.  Eventurally I realized most of these email lists were unhelpful, and unsubscribed. 

When I saw the listing for the Kleinfeld Sample Sale, I emailed Mom Busy Bee and Sister J to check their availability (because really, I knew the person who would be most excited would be Sister J).  Lucky for me, they both gave me a huge thumbs up in August for the appointment date the first weekend in November.

I was pretty stressed about this appointment at first.  How would I be sure that there would be sample dresses that fit me?  How would I be ready to pick out a dress for my wedding, almost 11 months later?

Rather then stress about the appointment, I decided to be more lackadaisical about it, have fun with it, and make it an afternoon for the girls.  So not only did I invite Mom Busy Bee and Sister J, but 8 other girls.  They were totally pumped to head to the famous (infamous?) Kleinfelds.

This was all back in August...

The first week in November came, and our plans had changed a bit.  My dear friend Ashlie was planning a trip to visit Bridesmaid AF and I.  As the Kleinfeld appointment was on Sunday afternoon, Mom Busy Bee and Sister J would just join us early on Sunday, so we could also enjoy the New York City Marathon which runs (almost) right by our apartment.  Then all the women would march on over to Kleinfelds and play bride-dress-up. 

On Friday morning, however, I got ridiculously exciting news that changed the tone of the weekend: I had passed the New York State Bar!  I literally freaked out - both my mom and I cried when I told her over the phone.  Our weekend turned out much more celebratory then we anticipated, and so I wasn't as prepared as maybe I should have been when I left for Kleinfelds.  I printed a picture of the one dress I had loved enough to save a picture of and we went on our way.


When we arrived, we were running a tad bit behind schedule, but Mom and Sister J insisted on getting some photos.

Some sort of...happy dance?

Sister J and I waiting to be called.

While we waited, Sister J and Bridesmaid AB freaked out about seeing Joan and Sarah (and other consultants, but those are the only two I know by name) and we patiently waited for all the girls to arrive.  Some were later than others, and our consultant was getting antsy, so we headed back to our room.

Which was TINY.  It was not one of those rooms that you see on the show that appear as though they could squeeze 8-10 women in there.  Oh no, it was squished with the consultant, Mom, Sis and I.  All the other girls were left outside (no couches for us!) and were constantly being bumped with other consultants carrying armfuls of dresses.  They weren't exactly super accommodating with our large group, but...we were a LARGE group. 

Our consultant sat with me, discussed budget, dress style, and whether I wanted samples or regular stock.  I said I was open to anything, and she suggested for plus-sizes, we would have more options in the regular stock.  So we did both!

We pulled a bunch of dresses, and nothing really blew me away except for two dresses.  One was a sample (I think  it was a Pnina Tornai, but honestly I can't really remember [and nothing like some of those super ornate over the top dresses you see on the show]) and although it was way under budget, there was a rip in the skirt that I wasn't really confident about having fixed.

The other dress, I really loved.  It was the style I wanted, and with a beaded belt, had that extra something I wanted.  It was a teeny bit over budget...but just a teeny bit.  I put on a veil, and we all cried.  Isn't this the moment that everyone talks about?  When you know your dress is the ONE?  The tears, the excitement, thinking about Mr. C seeing this dress...

But, I couldn't do it.  Kleinfeld's had closed at this point, and our consultant started to get a little more pushy.  She started to tell us about payment plans and alterations and all the details.  She reminded us many, many times that they were closed.  So I couldn't make a decision under this pressure.  I knew we were shopping more the next day, and I wasn't ready to commit when I had barely looked around!

We got our consultant's card and she talked with the management and told me that if I wanted the dress after shopping the next day (Monday) she would let me come in at 10 on Tuesday (an hour before they open) to be measured, and the discount she promised me would still be valid. 

So we set out, met up with all the boys who were holding our table for 15 at a restaurant a few blocks away, and I felt disappointed.  I hadn't expected to find the dress of my dreams at Kleinfeld's (or even the dress within my budget or size) but...had I just passed her up?  Would I go back?  Would nothing else compare???

Stay tuned for the answers to these questions and many more dress the next post...or maybe the post after that!

Have you ever been to a sample sale?  What was your experience like?


  1. I went to the Priscilla of Boston sample sale, which was a lot of fun, and I almost bought a dress there. But I still had my eye on another one of their dresses, which wasn't on sale, and I'm glad I waited because I ended up getting that dress! They even threw in a great discount to sweeten the deal. I can't wait to here more about your dress shopping adventures and see which gown you bough!

  2. @ the reluctant Bride: I love the POB sample sale! I'm still thinking I might go back this August. The prices were amazing and it was so low key.

    @ Jenny: The suspense is killing me......

  3. Looks like you gals all had a great day. I don't know were I would be without the support of my mom and BMs and MOHs on my dress extravaganza..probably would still be dressless thats for sure!!!

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