Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Fail.

Guys, I tried to DIY last night.  I had a friend come over, we called it craft night.  I was going to complete my first wedding related DIY craft project.  I was looking forward to it all day.

Instead, the project failed and I pouted.  Stupid!  How could my very first wedding DIY, which was supposed to be easy, fail?

I'll tell you why:

1) I got too eager to start, and didn't really think through my process.  I dived right in, and wasted some supplies.
2) I bought the cheapest supplies possible instead of spending a little bit more (which I'll have to spend now anyway!) to buy the supplies that would quickly and succinctly get the job done.
3) I was really distracted by other things going on: having a friend, picking our menu for our tasting (!), being ridiculously warm, and so I wasn't focused on the task at hand.

So at least my DIY fail was a good learning experience?  I'm definitely going to hit craft stores this weekend and buy the CORRECT supplies, look up some instructions for the project, and focus on what I'm doing.  I can't wait to share it with you when it's a WIN.  (I'll show you the fail ones too, but we'll wait on that til I can also show the's better for my ego.)

What's your biggest DIY fail?

ALSO - we have officially hit 100 Posts!  Wahoo!  Unfortunately, I don't have the number of followers I said I wanted to hit as well...short by 3.  But you know what, let's celebrate anyway!  I'll post my first ever giveaway tomorrow...get excited!


  1. I had so many DIY fails. :( I tried to make the bouts, but total fail. Tried to make my own brooch bouquet - fail. Wanted to do my own flowers for centerpieces, FAIL! I am apparently DIY challenged. :/

  2. I suck at DIY projects so I didn't really do much. Don't feel bad--not everyone can be a fabulous DIY queen! Learn from your mistakes and give it another go if...or buy it from someone who knows what they are doing :)

  3. congrats on 100 posts! sorry about your diy fail. hope the next round goes better!

  4. The only project we've done so far is designing/creating our Save the Dates. It went pretty well, except that we stopped about 20 short. So, there's a few people out there that didn't get one... oops. We'll make sure we make enough invitations though! ;) haha

  5. Ive done a couple DIY projects but waiting till we get a little closer..and yes make sure you have all the necessary supplies or else you can get stopped short or it can be frustrating if you can't complete the project. Looking forward to your giveaway!

  6. Congrats on 100 posts!!! DIY, not really my thing. My sister usually fixes my stuff or takes it away before I ruin it completely.