Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Beauty!

I saw a clip of a newstory that was really interesting to me today...and is actually relevant to something fun and wedding related I am doing this week...but first...

Seriously, beat it.

All clear?

So the news article I saw had to do with this month's cover of Vogue in Italy (site NSFW).  Why is the cover of Vogue in Italy making news?  Because on the cover are three plus-size models.  Looking fabulous.

Property of Vogue, Italy/Found here.
I have a lot of thoughts on this cover, but many of these thoughts aren't related to the rest of the blog post, so maybe I'll keep them to myself? (theylookbeautiful, theyarentreallyplussize, whydoesthisstuffbecomenews)

What it does have to do with, however, is boudoir photography.  Remember my post about self-improvement v. self-loathing and finding beauty within yourself?  This didn't come totally out of the blue, this was because on Saturday, I will be participating in a photo shoot in my under-roos.  EEK.

Yes, boudoir photography.  It wasn't something I had never heard of before entering the wedding world, so for any of you who may be unfamiliar, here's a quick synopsis:
A great deal of "boudoir" is now created in the photographer's studio or in luxury hotel suites, where it has become very fashionable to create a set of sensual images for women in "boudoir style". This often takes the shape of partly clothed images or images in lingerie, and has become more than just a passing fad for brides to surprise their future husbands. Although in the past there were many negative connotations associated with boudoir photography, in recent years the trend has begun to gain momentum, and the entire look of boudoir photography has begun to change.

Bridal boudoir photography is becoming particularly popular. Brides often have an album of boudoir style photographs made as a present for their soon to be husbands. Other common themes for boudoir photography are anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weight loss, maternity, any form of body change or alteration (breast augmentation or reduction, etc.), and for soldiers overseas.
Thanks, Wiki.  When I started reading about this popular trend, I thought it was such a fun and empowering thing to do!  For the women who were brave enough to share their photos, I found that they were tasteful, fun and definitely sexy.  I would have loved to do something like this for Mr. C, but I was sure it was going to be way too expensive.

That was until...Lifebooker stepped in.  A deal for boudoir photography??  The deal didn't expire for one year, so quickly, I snatched it up and figured I'd deal with the details later.  But now, a year has passed, and on Saturday, I'll be walking into the studio, having my make-up done, and posing for pictures for Mr. C.  As I said before, I'm not 100% totally comfortable and confident in my body right now, but it's photos like the ones above that show that plus-sized girls can be confident and sexy in minimal clothing.  I pulled some other shots that I really love:


These women all look stunning!  I love the way they show you can have beautiful, sexy, fun pictures without showing (what I consider to be) a trouble spot, my tummy.  I definitely find the more subtle photos to be more sexy.  A little bit of restraint goes a long way. 

And now, I have to go shopping!  Gotta find some outfits that are going to achieve all the things that I want, to make me feel comfortable and sexy!

What do you think of the trend of boudoir photography?  Have you/will you/could you pose for shots like this?  Whether for someone else or for yourself?  What do you think of the Vogue cover?  And most importantly....WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?


  1. Good for you! Boudoir photos are becoming more and more popular!

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping to have fun with it :)

  3. OMG! I'm not sure I'm brave enough. Kudos to you!!! Mr. C. is going to love them.