Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bienvenido A Miami!

Two weeks ago, I was flying off to Miami for my bachelorette weekend.  Finally, I got some photos from other gals, so I can share my trip with you!  I'll use a post to tell you about what we did, and then another post for more specifics about hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. in case you decide to make a trip down to Miami!

I landed on Thursday, early evening-ish, and was looking forward to shaking off the delays and flying drama I had gone through.  I immediately joined the "old lady" group (they're not really old ladies...they are just older than the rest of the girls!).  My mom, aunt, Cousin D, family friend B (from now on, FFB), and Sister J (my MOH) landed a few hours before I had and helped Bridesmaid S (who couldn't join us) pull off a surprise of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  

Sister J and I toasting to the beginning of bachelorette weekend!

We immediately popped open one of the bottles of champagne. It was great to have a moment to sit, sip, destress and laugh after the semi-stressful day of traveling. Aunt Busy Bee had also brought a gift, a cute tank top and panty set from Victoria's Secret. I'm looking forward to wearing them in October!

We then took time to dress up and headed out to a nice restaurant that my aunt had selected.

We had an amazing Italian meal, at Scott Conant's restaurant (from Chopped, on the Food Network), and even ran into a Top Chef contestant!! I think my aunt and I were the only ones who were super excited (I think we were the only ones who knew who he was) but Dale totally obliged us with a photo, wished me luck, and was on his way.

This is my second meeting with a Top Chef contestant.  First one was Richard Blais.
Aunt Busy Bee was totally stoked.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel in Coconut Grove and explored the area. We were across the street from some fun bars, restaurants and shops. We got dessert out and then called it a night. I think we were all pooped after a day of traveling and looking forward to a fun filled weekend.

On Friday I woke up and Sister J and I immediately put on our bathing suits. We were super pumped to get some sun! But I didn't have too much time at the pool right then because the ladies had booked me a massage. A whole hour! I felt so pampered and relaxed after that. The spa in the hotel was incredible and they did an amazing job making you feel like a goddess. 

Sister J and I poolside, drinks in hand
A view of the rooftop pool
We went back up to the pool after the massage and enjoyed the rest of the morning, swimming, sunning and of course, drinking. At lunch time we decided to venture outside the hotel for lunch and found a cute bistro steps from our hotel. After some shopping, I headed back to the hotel to meet Bridesmaid AF who had just arrived. After excitedly gabbing, we changed into our suits and, of course, hit the pool again, where we saw Friend J who had arrived. We spent the rest of the afternoon all on the rooftop, enjoying the weather and rooftop bar. Soon, it was time to shower up and head to dinner. Bridesmaid AF had made us reservations at a ceviche restaurant not too far from the hotel which had amazzzzing food. I thought it was my first ceviche, but Mr. C informed me this was actually the THIRD time.  Oops. So I'll call this my first memorable ceviche. For my entree I had another amazzzzing dish: mango mahi mahi. It was so ridiculously fresh, crisp and delicious with yummy bites of cilantro.

Ready for Friday night!

Sangria time!
Ordering confusion.

Bridesmaid AF and I, loving it

After dinner and a delicious dessert (not sure exactly what it was, but it had bananas, nuts, caramel and was fried.  OMG DELISH), things started to get a little wilder, and we found a bar down the street that served delicious hurricanes.  It led to some dancing up on Cousin D.

Oops, where'd my hurricane go?

Bridesmaid AF found a dude on the street and paid to play with his snake.  This is not dirty-bachelorette-innuendo.  She literally found a dude with two huge boa constrictors and put them both around her neck.  She is a wild and daring lady.

The last of the traveling bridesmaids finally arrived (Bridesmaid AB and Bridesmaid Y) around 11, and after the old ladies retired, we hit up a bar, had some "delicious" jello shots (OMG, check out Bridesmaid Y's face) and danced our booties off before calling it a night.  Oh, and obviously splashed around in the hot tub on our porch.

Saturday was beach day!  We hopped in the rented mini-van, the pimpest of rides (and yes, all 10 of us.  AF and I chillaxed in the trunk space), and headed off to South Beach.  Trying to find parking seemed to be the most difficult part of that day, but once we were on the beach, I dropped my things and ran straight into the ocean.  It was magical.  I love the ocean.  Unfortunately, no one has pictures from the beach, but trust me.  It was stunning.  We spent most of the morning there, and around lunchtime, Sister J, Aunt B, Mom, FFB, and Cousin D went hunting for food and drinks.  The rest of us lounged on the beach, but, classic for me, I got antsy, and went off with AF to hunt down the other women.  Little did I know, they were at the coolest bar ever.  Outdoor bar, TVs, misting fans, and a POOL in the middle of it all.  Our waiter, Frankzilla (yes, that was the name on his name tag) was hilarious, and totally allowed us to become silly ridiculous women at 2 in the afternoon, full of booze and a deck of bachelorette dares.  ....Those photos stay in the circle of trust, sorry!

After a few hours in South Beach, we headed back to Coconut Grove for (another!) massage and more pool time.  Up on the rooftop, someone was throwing a party so it had much more of a party atmosphere which we all enjoyed. 

The "young" girls enjoying the pool party
After the pool party, it was time to get all dolled up again and head to Y, AB and J's room which they had decorated all in bachelorette stuff.  You get the idea, right?  Let's just say, I had many things hanging from my neck, including a pink feather boa, and pin the _______ on the naked dude may have made an appearance.  We had a blast, enjoyed the second bottle of champagne, and then headed out to dinner.

Dinner was a Greek restaurant that a friend had recommended to me, saying: "It's Greek food, there are belly dancers, and you dance on the tables!"  So off we went.  Although it really wasn't what any of us were expecting, we had a ball dancing around, jumping up on tables, and lighting bottles of booze on fire (ok, the waitstaff did that, but as the bachelorette, I was the lucky one who got to dance around on the table with it).  There was lots of napking throwing, "Opa" yelling, and general boogying.  The night ended earlier then I think we expected it to in South Beach.  The mix of juicy drinks, food, club lighting, plus all the day drinking and sun we got made me feel a little sick.  So we went with the old lady crowd and headed back to Coconut Grove.

Waiting outside with our penis paraphenilia

Chair dancing

Mom Busy Bee and I, loving it.

This is literally my favorite picture of the whole weekend.

Triumphant Bachelorette, Flaming Bottle of Booze in Hand
Let's dance.  Yes, you.

The night ended a little quieter with me, AF, Y, and AB drinking some beers and playing Bachelorette conversation starter games.  It was good conversation with good people, and even if it wasn't a wild crazy night in a club, AF and I still decided to have Johnny Rocket burgers at 4 am.  That means it was fun guys!

Sunday the old lady crowd and Sister J had an early flight to catch, so they were all gone by the time we woke up.  Sad.  The rest of us spent the day lazing poolside, trying to be better about sunscreen, and reliving the weekend.  It was a much quieter day, but it was so relaxing and fun.

Friend J and I caught the latest flight we could out of Miami back up to NYC.  I didn't want to leave Miami, but the second we were on that plane, I couldn't wait to be in my own bed.  It took me almost the entire week to feel finally caught up on sleep, and I still am rocking a little bit of the color I got. 

I had such an amazing, amazing time.  I felt so blessed and lucky to have 9 amazing people (+ Bridesmaid S who wished she could be there) who were able and willing to go all the way down to Miami to party with me.  They wouldn't let me pay for anything the entire time, and constantly were checking to be sure that I was having a blast.  Which, of course, I was.  I sent thank you notes to each of them yesterday, and one little card will never be able to express how truly humbled, grateful, blessed and lucky I am.  You know, when we started talking about bachelorette options, I immediatley was like, LETS GO ON A TRIP.  I just thought it sounded fun and awesome.  I never really considered how pricey and complicated things could get (I'm a little delusional sometimes).  But not a single one of these women batted an eye.  Each of them is in a very different place in life, but they made it work and they made it happen. 

Did I mention how very lucky I am?


  1. Holy hell muffins!!! That's quite the weekend. I would be a little excited about Dale too but more about Blais. Love the sash and the flaming booze. That trip was. . .wait for it. . .Legendary!

  2. Looks like you gals had quite a weekend!!! How fun, and what was with that Snake?! EEEK! I'm a new follower and looking forward to following your planning process..Would love for you to check out my blog as well and offer advice!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!