Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do You Need A Theme?

I saw on Twitter last week that a lot of people were having trouble with Blogger.  I posted this on Thursday from my phone, and haven't really been at my computer since.  I just checked, and for some reason, this post had gone missing!  So I'm re-posting, and sorry if you are seeing it or reading it twice.  But it got a lot of people talking/commenting so I figured people were interested in it, so it would be worth posting twice!

A few weeks ago, I had a moment of panic that the wedding was coming and we weren't DOING anything.  You read all these blogs, and brides constantly have some sort of project going on, whether it's decor, paper, even dresses, there are some crafty brides out there, and they are constantly trucking along to make things perfect for their wedding day.

I...I'm not like that.  I'm crafty-ish.  I'm DIY-ish.  But all that matters is I'm ME, and I'm getting done what I want to be done.  But I still have all these ideas for projects and things I want to happen, and Mr. C thinks I'm a nutcase.

But in part of my panic, I told Mr. C I was worried that our wedding wouldn't be cohesive. All the projects wouldn't make sense, the colors wouldn't work, and our guests would be confused. Mr. C nodded, and told me of course I should be worried about cohesiveness, as our wedding didn't have a theme.

I have to admit, I was terribly insulted by this. A THEME?! Really, what was this, a 7 year old's birthday party? Weddings don't have themes. Weddings have color schemes and beautiful projects.

Or do they? There are many, many beautiful weddings that come together under a theme. If the couple wants that theme to be obvious, it will be. And I suppose there are other themes that aren't quite as in your face.

As for us, I keep repeating 'rustic elegance.' I'm not quite sure if this is a 'theme' or if this is even enough to make our wedding projects come together in a cohesive way.

What do you think? Where do you fall on the theme/no theme debate? And does 'rustic elegance' count?


  1. I wondered the same thing when I started reading wedding blogs. I didn't realize that you had to have a "theme". lol! I still don't have a theme unless you count "a fall wedding with a spring twist" as a theme, lol! I think you can have a cohesive wedding without having a theme for it, but I do think that rustic elegance would count.

  2. We did NOT have a theme and I think our wedding turned out pretty well. I picked things that I thought would go together and just hoped for the best. Our wedding was featured on a few blogs and they kept called it "a vintage" wedding. Now I refer to it as a "timeless vintage" wedding :)

  3. I'm also DIY-ish (good word for it!!) and I was like, ah crap. We're getting married in a theater, I have to have an old hollywood theme or a movie theme or something! But in the end I decided that I didn't *have* to do anything, and just did what I wanted. In the end, it was all cohesive, even if it wasn't planned that way.

  4. girl i'm crafty-ish too! don't worry. we all can't be DIY goddesses! we don't have a theme either, just my inspiration is "vintage modern". rustic elegance totally is enough! your wedding will come together, you'll see :)

  5. I love the terms DIYish and crafty-ish - it perfectly describes me too!

  6. My Bar-Mitzvah had a theme. Does that count? It was ETV (like MTV, but with Evan. That's my name). I've been told that all large affairs do have themes, but ultimately it's all up to YOU.

    My one piece of advice would be this: Go hard or go home. If you want Rustic Elegance to be the theme, then go all out with it! Otherwise, don't even worry about it. It was be stunningly beautiful no matter what.

  7. I'm doing the theme thing because if I didn't I'd be all over the place with ideas. A theme helps me focus.