Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day Dreaming

As you all probably know, I'm unemployed.  Technically, I'm not super-totally-completely unemployed anymore.  I currently work 20 hours a week for an embarrassingly low wage, and volunteer another 14 hours a week in the hopes of getting a full time job at that place.  So I'm no longer home all the time, wallowing in my sadness.  But the continued hunt is (very, very often) discouraging.  Things don't necessarily go exactly as we want them to.  And what do I want?  I want to be a lawyer!  I want to be busy and important and have many important books that smell of mahogany.

But that doesn't mean sometimes I don't day dream about other things...

Yesterday, I was walking to the subway and there was a For Rent sign on an office around the corner from Mr. C and I's apartment.  I started thinking about the space as I'd seen it from the street and what could be done with it.  And then I thought about all the baking I've done lately...cookies for a cause, cookies for Mr. C, treats for my mom, Easter desserts, and cupackes for a cupcake party.  WHAT IF...What if I opened a bakery in that space?  Sure, there is no kitchen, but that's fine!  It's just a few steps from my apartment.  And so what if I had to run up three flights of stairs all the time?  My calves would be SMOKIN'.

This is, obviously, unrealistic.  But it's fun to dream sometimes, huh?

What do you day dream about?

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