Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dainty, Fragile, Plain, Simple

These words generally do NOT describe my wedding band.  Need a refresher?

All personal photos above.

As you can see, there is some ba-linnnnnnnnnnng happening on my hand.  It's super sparkly, and it makes me happy.  I guess I've never been quiet in what I do: not in the way I act, not in how I dress (I love bright colors and fun patterns), so why would I get something a little more quiet for the band I'll have to wear for the rest of my life? 

EXCEPT...I've noticed there seems to be a trend happening.  This might be a New York City trend, rather than a worldwide or countrywide trend, but please, correct me if I'm wrong. 

I notice a lot of women on the subway (and yeah, I totally creep on people's wedding rings.  Like you wouldn't either?) with very simple bands on their hands.  No other rings, not even on the other hand.  Just a very classic wedding band.  And you know what, as flashy and loud as I can be sometimes, I really love the flexibility this simpler option gives.  Typically these women look to either be uber professional OR they seem to be the kid-wrangling type of women.  So it can work in both realms.

I'm not sure if this is a look I would rock everyday, but I'm f open to having an option, depending on what I'm going for.  Here are some looks that I found:

I love that there is still a little something-something going on here.  Maybe I can pull this off with just my band once in awhile?

This ring is a little more heavy and a little more intricate.  I love it though!  I also like that it looks a little more casual.

Simple, thin, classic.  Who ever thought such a simple look would be swoon-worthy?  If you really know me, you probably wouldn't have guessed I would think that.  But I love it!

This is Weddingbee's Mrs. Bunny  and I love the design of her band.  Something a little bit more to it, but still simpler.

Honestly, this one is my favorite of the bunch.  A little something, but the subtly here makes this all the more beautiful to me. 

I think I like the idea of having some flexibility in what I wear.  Will I ever actually follow through on that flexibility?  I'm not sure.  Whenever I remove my engagement ring, my finger feels naked and empty.  Its become a part of my everyday life (I never, ever remove mine) and it's natural to have it there.  I'm not sure if I'll feel the same way once I have my ring and band combination.

Another concern I have, whether I was to remove the engagement ring and wear only my wedding band, or perhaps even have a secondary back-up wedding band, is my feelings about the rings after our wedding.   Obviously, my engagement ring is important to me, because this is the ring Mr. C was holding when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  My band will be important because that will be the ring Mr. C puts on my finger when he vows and makes marrying me totally official and all. 

I'd love to get your input!  Do you ever remove rings, whether engagement rings or bands?  Would you consider "back up" rings that were more about a fashion statement then the symbolism behind the ring?  And really, tell me, do you love BLING? 


  1. I think the bling is you and you'll feel weird taking it off. I gained weight and needed to have my rings resized. It wasn't cheap, so we did one at a time. I used to love how I looked with just my engagement ring, but while I wait for the wedding band to be resized, I just feel weird. Simple and dainty would be beautiful on your right hand! :)

  2. These rings are all so beautiful! I recently got my wedding band, and I was really surprised (and pleased!) that I got a slender diamond band. I'd always thought I would get a plain band, but the one that matches my engagement ring can't really be worn alone. I'm one of those women who does take of her engagement ring from time to time, and I knew I wanted a wedding band I could wear alone. Thankfully, my band looks great on its own! And I'm sure whatever you decide, your rings will look beautiful!

  3. I only wear my wedding band, which is a simple twisted band with small diamonds in it. I absolutely love my e-ring, but it snags my hair, turns, makes typing a pain in the butt, and I get tired of taking it off to wipe the lotion/soap/water off of it, get it cleaned, etc. The band is just easier to put up with! (I should add, I'm not really a ring person....other than my wedding band, I never wear rings)