Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birdcage Centerpiece Project: Spray Painting

It's been a little while since I told you about how Mr. C and I found the perfect birdcages at a Christmas Tree Shop.  When we found them, they were different colors.  One was white with hints of pink, and the other cages were green with hints of gold.

We wanted to have cohesive colors and there were not enough of the the matching birdcages.  So we knew that we were going to paint these birdcages to make them all match.

Our first attempt, we used paint thinner to pull some of the paint off the birdcages before spray painting them, but later we got lazy and didn't thin them before the painting, and it still seemed to work ok.  We wanted the birdcages to look "antiquey" so we did some Google searching before deciding what colors we needed to buy.  

On the Krylon website, they include a number of different tricks for whatever effect you are hoping to achieve, including terra cotta, animal print, and distressed ivory.  For our birdcages, we used the advice to create an antiqued metal effect.

The instructions were relatively simple, and included buying black paint and either a gold, silver, or bronze paint, depending on your preference.  Mr. C and I went with gold.  

The first step is spray paint the body of the birdcage black.  Then you use the gold to puddle it on top of the black paint.  Because we bought both colors in spray paint, we didn't use a cloth to dab the gold on the birdcage, but sprayed it on, and used a cloth to distress the color more.  It was a trial and error process until we found the effect that we really wanted our centerpieces to be.  

Unfortunately, when we started doing this, I was babysitting Baby J, and Mr. C was painting on his own, so we don't have any pictures (we didn't want the baby around the spray paint!  danger!)  But really, we found it to be a trial and error process, and the technique will depend on your personal taste, whether you want the project to look more black, gold, or whatever other color you may choose.

Have you ever spray painted?  It's so fun!

Personal photos.


  1. sounds like a fun little project! i can't wait to see pics when they're all done :)

  2. I'm looking forward to the pictures. Birdcages = sooo adorable!!!

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