Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Save Your Dates

Seriously, save 'em. Cause we're getting married.

Mr. C and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to get our save the dates out earlier than you usually do.  About 95% of our guests are coming from out of town, and even though most of our family knew they would be invited, not all our guests did, so we wanted to give everyone ample time to plan so that more people would be able to come. 

We weren't looking to go nuts here.  As often as I have seen some adorable and crafty save the dates, our top priority was speed and cost.  And I also think many, many people don't see the save the date as a necessity, and so they don't even save it.  Because of that, I didn't want to pour my heart and soul into these guys and then have them chucked into the garbage.

But whether or not I labored over them for hours, I'm still obsessed and in love with them and hope no one threw them in the garbage!  That would be terrible.  Mr. C and I messed around in My Digital Studio which is a design program created by Stampin' Up that my FMIL gave me for Christmas.  And thank goodness!  I was stressing about how I was going to create some of the paper products that I wanted to design without Photoshop or any other sort of software, so this worked out wonderfully.  We used two of our engagement photos from Cole Effect, and found some fun fonts on DaFont.com

After designing them, I waited for Vistaprint to send me one of their awesome emails telling me that many of their products were free.  And when I had waited long enough, 100 postcards were free!  So Mr. C and I uploaded our photo, created a postcard-looking back, and sent off our order to be shipped.

When they arrived, there was a white border around the top and the bottom of the postcard.  I'm not quite sure how or why that happened (it wasn't on the website when we ordered them) but Mr. C + beer + paper cutter = quick trimming job.  Even though I told him I didn't want the beer involved, he got the job done.  And well.  He's pretty great, huh?

So here they are, in all their save the date glory:
Photo By Cole Effect.  Editing and text added by me

Photo By Cole Effect.  Editing and text added by me

So what do you think?  Like I said, I'm pretty obsessed with them, but I'm kind of biased.  We got lots of excited phone calls, emails, texts, and tweets after sending them, and I'm glad to hear people were excited about the wedding and excited about the save the dates.  We got lots of great compliments too, including one friend asking how I stretched my budget so much to afford save the dates like these....Um, I didn't!  Sweet.

Here's how the cost actually broke down:

100 Postcards: FREE, thanks to waiting it out for one of Vistaprint's deals
Uploaded logo/photo/design: $4.99
Uploaded logo/photo/design: $4.99
Color Back Side: $4.99
Glossy Finish: INCLUDED

Total:  $14.97
Shipping & Processing (Slow 21 Days): $6.50
Sales Tax: $0.44

Total: $21.91

Add in our postage: we bought 80 postcard stamps just before the postcard rate went up, and we had 6 international postcards so the grand total is: $28.28

Not too bad, right?  We knew that Vistaprint would be a great option for us, because of the free deals, but we also knew their shipping can be s-l-o-w, so we ordered them all the way back in February.  We had planned on getting them out the first week in April, so this gave us plenty of time to have them shipped to us, address them, and send them out. 

Also, as of April 17, 2011, postcard postage is now 29 cents instead of 28.  Honestly, it was just a lucky coincidence that we sent them out the week before.  Had I done a bit more research, I would have been adamant about getting them out, but luckily, they were all sent in the nick of time. 
Did you send save the dates?  Did you put a little more creativity in them then I did?  I'd love to see what you did!


  1. those look fantastic! I love them! We did send save the dates and I think it's such a nice way to get people geared up and excited for your wedding. Good job! P.S. I mailed out your stuff to you yesterday!

  2. I love these! You did a great job. I purchased a groupon for vista print and had planned on doing the exact same thing!!