Monday, April 18, 2011

New Things I Love

The Internet is a wild place with lots of places to lose yourself.  I often get lost after conducting a Google Image Search for cute puppies, or lost among the pages and pages in a new blog I stumbled upon. 

Especially when it has come to wedding planning, I've saved hundreds and hundreds of inspiration photos for the wedding, and sometimes looking at them in folders on my Macbook just doesn't give me a tingly, inspired feeling.  There is no cohesiveness.  I can't look at some of the photos side by side in a way that I want to.  This makes me an angry Bee sometimes.  I want to feel inspired.

Enter one of the new things I love:  Pinterest

Guys, this website is awesome.  I had to wait two weeks for an invite, and when it came in my email, I got really pumped.  I may have been visiting Baby J, shrieked when I saw the email, and startled her a bit.  Yeah, I was kind of excited.  Bridesmaid S told me about this website months ago, and I should have jumped on board right away.  In fact, I've spent most of my day at work looking for pretty pictures to pin (and being quite succesful in my venture to pin such pretty things), and I'm really excited to get home to add all my inspiration photos to this board to make it coheisve and to look like MY wedding. 

I've started with 6 Boards - as far as I know, you can create as many as you want.  I obviously have one for the wedding, one of clothes that I would love to be able to afford or pull off someday, things that make me giggle, decorating ideas, pretty spaces, and one related to my old re-kindled love affair with books.  I can foresee that I may add more for other pretty things, or maybe even split up the wedding board into specific boards for things like hairstyles or bridesmaid dresses.  But for now, this is what I'm working with:

A screen shot of my boards - there's still so much white space, I'm excited to have the time to fill these in!  It's going to be great not only for the wedding, but as Mr. C and I think about redecorating and re-doing some rooms in our apartment, and for whenever I'm in a bad mood, and need to put a smile on my face.  Do I foresee a cute puppy board???  Hmmmm...

So come follow me on Pinterest:

And let me know if you're p-interested (yeah, I did it) to join.  I'm pretty sure I can shoot you an invitation and you don't have to wait around like I did!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the other new thing I love...It doesn't really have to do with wedding planning, but it does have to do with that re-kindle love affair with books I'm having!

What boards would you great on Pintrest?  Cute puppies, anyone?

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  1. hey! i'm very interested to try out pinterest! can you send me an invite?? thanks!