Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Things I Love, Two!

Alternate title: The Internet RULZ

Here's a true life fact about me: I'm pretty nerdy all the way to my core.  I love dancing about, I love musical theater, and I love to read. 

Reading has been something that I've done since I was little.  I was pretty much never found without a book in my hand.  In the car or in bed, I was reading.  I didn't get carsick and I didn't let a little thing like darkness impede my ability to speed read through a book as quickly as possible.  My mom eventually had to take the nightlight out of my room because I would lay awak through all hours of the night reading (although it was probably only 11 pm, it seemed oh-so-late in my younger mind).

In middle school, reading wasn't cool.  And being cool was important.  So I just...stopped.  Stopped reading, stopped embracing that inner nerd who had served me so well for the first 11-12 years of my life.  Instead, I embraced AOL and Snake.



Then I met Bridesmaid A in 9th grade.  We were instant friends.  We both had moved to a new town, had no friends and somehow...we were both nerdy!  It took awhile for the nerdy to creep its way out, but when it did...it hit at full force (and honestly, I'm not even ready to share JUST how nerdy...).  And then Bridesmaid A told me about this series she had read called Harry Potter.  I hadn't picked up a book I didn't HAVE to read in years.  But once I did, I couldn't stop.  I plowed through books one through three (dating myself...but those were all that were available) and then I had Mom take me to the library.  And it kept going all through high school. 

Fast forward to college and law school, and as much as I enjoyed reading, I just didn't have the time or energy for it.  We did enough reading that I didn't want to do, that reading for pleasure really didn't sound all that pleasurable anymore.

But now...not that I really am enjoying being unemployed, but it does have its perks.  I get to read...ALL THE TIME.  My Brooklyn Public Library card has a prominent spot in my wallet.  There are books in my bag, on my bedside table, on the kitchen table...anywhere there is space, there is a book.  I need a new bookshelf, seriously.

The problem is I was flying through books so quickly, I didn't know exactly where to turn to next.  For starters, I went to social media to look for help:

I started by looking into some of the books that were suggested, and even receieved long lists of recommended books and authors in response.  But then, just recently, I finally checked out Shelfari, as Bridesmaid A suggested.  And guys, it's GREAT.  I'm obsessed with adding books that I read yesterday or read years and years ago.  I love looking at what are the most popular books now, and what "people like me" are reading.  So if you are a book lover who ALSO loves organization and who ALSO loves getting suggested, go, create your shelf, and friend me!  (You can also check out my shelf on the blog now too.  And yes, I am re-reading the entire Harry Potter series...again.)

So that was my quick two parts on new things I found and loved instantly and thought you might love too! 

Tell me quick, what's your latest (Internet or not) obsession?

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