Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Want Candy!

When Mr. C proposed, I (basically) said two things: 1) Yes and 2) We will have a candy bar.

I wasn't quite obsessed with the world of wedding blogs and blogging pre-engagement, but I was following a few different wedding photographers.  They were originally shown to me because they had done friends of friends' weddings...and then I just kept following them.  But shhhhh!  Don't tell Mr. C.  But, because of my...research...I had heard and seen this awesome idea of a candy bar before.

When I first mentioned it to Mr. C, he thought I was crazy.  Our families also thought I was a little nuts.  I think it probably had to do with the fact that they had neither seen nor heard of this fabled "candy bar" before.  But I was adamant, and as time has gone on, they've seen this idea more and more as it pops up and becomes mainstream.  My FMIL saw it at a conference, Mr. C has done some Googling and noticed it places.  Some people may be concerned that this is not the most original idea on the block.  That now some of our guests will have seen it places.  But, mainstream or not, this is something I'm super excited about.  It was actually the very first wedding task I've done.  Bridesmaid A and I went to a flea market in Massachusetts to look for some jars, all the way back in...August?  Yeah, this was awhile ago.

I collected my jars from flea markets, Home Goods, Marshalls, and Christmas Tree Shops.  My goal was to not spend more than $5 a jar.  I wanted to be sure this "extra" wedding project wasn't something that cost me an arm and a leg.  So here are the jars we collected, and I'll break down the costs for you.  I'll be honest, we didn't always stay within the rules.

Here is our first mock up with the jars we had:

Moving things around a bit, seeing what works best:

And just cause I think he's the cutest:

After seeing the jars placed like this, Mr. C and I didnt' think this was going to be sufficient.  It felt a little off balance, and that maybe we wouldn't have enough for our 140+ guests.  So with that in mind, we went out and hit up a Home Goods near Mom and Dad Busy Bee's house.
This was the biggest rule breaker of all.  See anything different about this set up?  (Sorry, I realize this photo isn't great - but a bonus!  Birdcages!)

Yeah, it's another huge jar in the back:

That big guy cost us $15 at Home Goods.  Way over our allotted budget, but overall (including one broken jar, which actually had been that size, and had only cost us $6) we ended up spending less on this project then we budgeted for.  So all good.  Here's a close up of each jar, where it came from, and how much it cost:

Christmas Tree Shop: $2.99

Flea Market: $1.00

Flea Market: $1.00

Christmas Tree Shop: $2.99

Home Goods: $6.00 (There's a scratch on this jar, but its mostly on one side, so we'll have that face the back)

Marshalls: $3.50

Flea Market: $1.00

Total:  About $33.00.  Even if you add the jar that broke ($6!) we still come under the $60 we had allotted for this.

I started to get scared when I began this project.  I found listings for other brides selling the jars they had collected for over $100 - plus shipping!  If the project tallied way over, it was going to get cut, cause Mr. C wasn't exactly married (haha!) to the idea, so I was determined to make it happen.  Add some ribbon, card stock, and bunting, and WHAM.  Candy bar. 

Another obstacle that can also make this project a heft one cost wise can be the candy.  Luckily, a friend alerted me to a deal through Buy With Me for 50% off candy from this A-MAZE-ING candy store in NYC, called Economy Candy (guys, floor to ceiling candy.  seriously.) and so Mr. C and I signed up for the deal, and we'll be getting about $120 worth of candy for $40. (How the extra money off?  We referred each other's email address, and got a $10 credit.  And we have three email addresses, so another free $20 worth of candy!)  I'm hoping that will be enough, but we're waiting until September to buy it up, because I don't want it melting in our apartment in the warm summer months.  So if we have to get anymore, or we find out exactly how much is needed to fill those suckers up, I'll let you know that too! 

This post is already becoming monumentally long, so I'll leave it there for now, but I'll definitely share with you the yummy candy we're thinking about.  We debated for awhile whether to have a color coordinated candy bar or not?  Where do you stand on the issue?  Are you having a candy bar?  Where did you find your jars?

And just for fun, here's a pic of Mr. C, Baby J, and Elderly Puppy D, as Mr. C and I took them all for a walk, playing house for the weekend.


  1. What a great deal on the jars AND candy! I really wanted to do a candy bar, but I couldn't get FH on board with it and then it become either that or a fauxtobooth and I went with the fauxtobooth, lol!

  2. that's awesome you were able to get such a great deal on the candy! i wish i could've jumped on that because we're having a candy bar too!