Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buying the Bands

We actually conquered the task of buying our wedding rings on Black Friday, the dreaded day of consumerist hell.  Mr. C and I were up at 4am to get some awesome deals (including an XBox for Brother're welcome, Mommy Busy Bee!) and we didn't even make it to the jewelry store until about 1pm.  AND we hadn't had lunch yet.  We were feeling a bit loony.

Luckily, we weren't making TOO difficult of decisions here.  Mr. C and I had visited this jeweler once before together, and I had been in once before on my own and looked at some rings.  So we had a fairly good idea what we were going to go with, and really had waited to take advantage of the Tax Free Sale the store had going on at the time. 

Does anyone else see the tiredness in Mr. C's eyes?  Yowza.

So many choices!
The final two..

I was torn between two similar options.  Also, I needed a manicure.  Or at least some polish remover.

So do you want to see what we finally decided on?  We ordered the rings on Black Friday, and were able to pick them up during another visit in January.

There they are!  Also, I squealed (yes, squealed) when the woman asked if we wanted one ring box or two.  A ring box for two rings!  Guys, how adorable is that??

That's Mr. C's.  He got a 14K white gold ring with some braiding on the edges.  It's simple, classic, and fits Mr. C really well.  It was important he also got something that would come on and off very easily, for his surgery days (which he probably won't have many of past the wedding, but you never know!)

And my final decision.  It's so sparkly!  I had a bit a buyer's remorse...oh the second we walked out of the jeweler.  But Mr. C reminded me just because it has more diamonds does not make me a ridiculously extravagent person.  Our rings came well under our budget we had set for ourselves, and still would have even without the sale and tax free event!  Plus...I mean, guys.  She's SO SPARKLY.  Swoon.

Mr. C and I left the rings at his parents' house.  I don't know if it was more out of concern for safety (I didn't want them sitting around in a box in our apartment in Brooklyn...which I know is sort of irrational considering all the other things that we have in our apartment) or because I knew I would have such a hard time not wearing it all the time. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that Mr. C and I were WAY ahead of the game here.  If you look at The Knot timeline wedding planning tool they don't suggest you start researching and purchasing your wedding rings until 2 to 3 months before your wedding date.  But Mr. C and I knew that we wanted to buy our rings from this jeweler who has been so good to our relationship (I may have a few other pieces from there...) and when we saw the advertisement for the sale, we couldn't resist.  Plus, still almost a year out, we were so anxious to actually be doing tangible things for the wedding, we REALLY couldn't resist!

Did you start doing anything super early in your wedding planning timeline?


  1. The ring box is too cute! Your ring is gorgeous!

  2. i love your rings! and actually, i got my wedding band when i got my engagement ring. it came as a set. i dont think you were irrational in not keeping the ring at your place. we have ours in a BIG gun safe in our house. :)

  3. that ring is gorgeous Congrats!! They look so good together and I like your FI's Ring too!! I LOVE our two ring box too!