Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unusual Wedding Venue

As I continue to tell you about my own hunt for the perfect venue, I thought I would share something I saw today on the New York Times website.

It's all about how McWeddings are happening in Hong Kong, it's a new feature, and there are about 50 couples who are in talks to host their weddings at a McDonalds in Hong Kong.  You can find the article here

It seems as though it has only been a recent development in Hong Kong for couples to have the option to wed somewhere other than a place of worship or City Hall, so it is definitely understandable why couples are excited to have different or unusual venues to host their weddings.

Is there any wacky place you would hold your wedding if it wasn't at the venue you have selected?  Mr. C and I have talked about getting married at an aquarium if we could do absolutely, positively whatever we wanted.  Although, that isn't that wacky.  People certainly do that!  Sometimes, even underwater!

Did you see this wedding:

From the Daily Mail article.

I'd love to hear about your wildest venue dreams!  On top of a mountain?  While skydiving? 


  1. McDonald's wedding = super win

  2. Haha I did see that wedding where the turtle starts eating her dress! Hilarious! A lot of people are starting to have their weddings at White Castle too...Me? I'm a little too traditional to go for that..but to each his own.

    P.S. I know you asked me last week about Pre-Cana, sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Our church set up the sessions for us. They arranged it with other couples getting married there. If we wanted to do the weekend retreat, they gave us a brochure with a number to call to get the dates. If you're getting married at a particular church..ask them to help you set up your pre-cana sessions.