Monday, March 28, 2011

Social Networking as a Blogger

I wanted to get some feedback about how you handle social networking as a blogger.  And how you handle blogging in real life!

Pathetically, I can't even figure out how to create a poll (am I really this un-savvy?  apparently, yes!) so you're just going to have to comment and tell me how you handle these things.  Here's particularly what I'm interested in:

Facebook and Twitter:
Do you use your Real Life identity or your blog identity?  I've come across this problem in that I follow many bloggers Twitter accounts, but when I go to reply, my real life name pops up...and I'm sure no one has any idea who I am! (Even though they probably wouldn't even recognize JennyBusyBee).  Is this worth creating a second Twitter account over?

Blogging in Real Life:
Who knows about your blog?  For me, only Mr. C, Bridesmaid AF and Bridesmaid AS know about it.  A few other friends have heard me mention "my blog" and may have tried tracking it down (EG - are you out there???), but I haven't really shared with others.  My main reason for this is that I don't think they'd be interested, and probably would mock me for blogging about my wedding.  I don't have many wedding obsessed friends, and have found blogging to be a great way to connect with other people who feel this way!  I love feedback, and feel that I can also get feedback when necessary from these real life friends (but shout-out to you three who are awesome on both sides of this coin!)

I'm interested to hear what you have to say!  I definitely love to blog, but am always hyper-aware of privacy issues and I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to handle all these social networking sites!


  1. On the social media part...I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter. I'm obnoxious about my blog in real life (in a fun way) because I think it's funny that I have a blog. I like to say things like "oh yeah I'm a blogger, I blog. Yup, that's me a blogger." Good times! A lot of friends and family know about the blog.

  2. i had a HUGE response to this and then it was deleted - BOO. long story short - i have a personal FB page that i keep personal, and a FB page for my blog/business so i can go in and out of wedding land as i please. i only have a blog twitter and its good that way because twitter is so overwhelming at times!
    lastly - i started my blog as a diary to the altar because we planned our wedding from across the country and i wanted to keep our friends and family posted on our planning. then i started meeting blogger friends and connecting and more and more people started to find the blog, including my husband's parents' friends, haha. so i realized i needed to be careful about how i said things. but the most important part is staying true to yourself, and what YOU want to get out of the blog, so you'll never get burnt out!

  3. Like Jacin, I started my blog mostly for family and friends across the country to keep up with our wedding planning process. I even posted my blog on FB. However, back in November-December, I ran into a situation with two family members who would make very passive-aggressive comments to me about things I wrote on the blog. Basically, they were upset I wrote a long story about it on the blog but only sent them a two line email about it. It got really frustrating, very annoying, and I deleted that blog and moved to another site. I've kept the current blog much more private (i.e. only giving the link to a few people I know in real life).

    Be careful with what you write if people that know you in real life have the link. Good luck :)

  4. Thanks for all your feedback, guys! I really appreciate it! Interesting to see that many of you had issues with people finding your blog and not liking what they read! No matter your attitude or the way you think about things, stuff can come across differently online, so great to keep in mind :)

  5. Hey Jenny! I created a personal twitter lwoodsny, but that's kind of become my username: Like when I blog for or, so I hope that people eventually put two and two together and know it's me. And I have a link to my twitter account on my blog as well.

    I started out sharing my blog with only my friends and family...but I've since cut back on that because I don't think they care to hear me talk about it all the time and they aren't as into my wedding as..well I am. Haha. Over time, I started commenting on other blogs, they commented back, I'd find another blog..I'd follow them, i'd comment, and vice versa. You do have to put in time to find new people to follow and to always comment's def. a time commitment to build up a network.

    as for polls!! You can easily create an account on, and follow their steps there for creating a poll. is another site that does the same thing.