Friday, March 11, 2011

Lunch Time Blues

Today I pulled out my handy dandy container I use to bring my salad to work (it's the most genius contraption I've ever seen...and has saved Mr. C and I bundle on baggies, our former mode of transportation for salad dressing). 

This is what I saw upon opening the top:

Blegh!  Brown!  Boring!  Bland!

I know many of you, like myself, are working on shedding down, buffing up, or generally trimming in preparation for weddings, general health reasons, or maybe in preparation of summer...

So how do you prep a lunch for yourself that stays fresh, interesting, but is relatively easy to prepare?  I normally don't mind salads everyday, but it's the prep work that kills me.  This salad is brown because I made a HUGE salad with lots of tasty things in it so I could stay on target...but that was over a week ago.

Personal, terrible iPhone photo at my desk.  The company who makes that awesome contraption hasn't contacted me at all.  I just really love it, and love to share handy finds!

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  1. I keep my oil and vinegar dressing at the office so I add it at lunch time not the night before. that's what makes it get all soggy. Try bagging your wet or moist items separately in bags and bring them at the beginnign of the week. Then add as you go each day?