Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Birdcage Miracle

So Mr. C and I are wandering around a Christmas Tree Shop near our friend K's house.  Originally we were there to find a coffee table, but when we first walked into the store, there on the shelves was the answer to my birdcage dilemma!

BIRDCAGES!  There were six small birdcages on the shelf, calling my name.  Mr. C had wandered off in a different direction and I think he knew I was excited about something when he heard my SHRIEK from many feet away.  Rushing over, Mr. C found me jumping up and down shaking these bird cages, begging him to get me a cart to load these suckers up.

I basically skipped to the back of the store toward the furniture section.  Sure, they were small, and sure, there were only six of them, but this was a SIGN.

So we found our coffee table, and I continued skipping throughout the store.  Mr. C and I wandered through some of the glassware, hoping to find some orange glasses for little decorative touches and for the tables at our cocktail hour.  Then I turned another corner and ANOTHER shriek!  BIRDCAGES!  Big ones!  Many of them!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Poor Mr. C and Christmas Tree Shop patrons.  I was in full on celebration mode.  Dancing included.  Big birdcages, added to the cart.

After this adventure, Mr. C and I were on the hunt and recruited family members to check out the Christmas Tree Shops.  Soon we had more than enough birdcages, and even all in the same size!

Here is one of the birdcages we found, in FMIL and FFIL's basement, as Mr. C and I experimented with some spray paint:

Mr. C and I have big plans to play around with paint remover and spray paint to make them uniform.  Here's a little bit of the work we've done:

I'm still not sure what ELSE we are going to build into the centerpiece with the birdcages.  I'm thinking flowers, tea lights, pillar candles, and maybe small squares of pretty fabric in the middle.  I met with a potential florist this weekend, so we'll see what ideas she has to offer!

What about you?  Any ideas that I can steal?  Haha!

All photos personal.  With me in PJs.  You're welcome.

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