Monday, March 21, 2011

The Big Venue Reveal

Have you been waiting with bated breath since I told you about the three venues we visited?  Have you persuaded yourself that it's not worth looking at my page where I clearly list our venue to ruin the surprise? Or do you think I'm a silly fool?

Either way, I'm excited to talk about our venue, why we choose it, and why I get goosebumps every time I visit.


I'll give you a moment for the shock to set in... ;)

I know I didn't hide things very well, but our love for Gibbet Hill is really, really tough to hide.  I think the moment Mr. C and I walked into that place, we knew it.  We knew this is where our wedding was going to be.  Let's take a moment and look through Mr. C and I's criteria:

  • Not a hotel
    • Definitely not a hotel.  Gibbet Hill has both the Barn and a Grille restaurant on its grounds.  There are animals on the grounds (when we visited the first time, we saw a cow!), and a farm. 
  • A more rustic vibe, we're not generally into more contemporary styles
    • Um, it's a barn.  It is not contemporary (but also not dilapadated or falling apart)
  • Enough space for up to 175 people
    • The Barn can hold up to 240 people.  Luckily, we don't have that many guests
  • Minimums small enough if we decided to have under 100 guests
    • The Barn did not impose guest minimums, so long as you spend a certain amount.  So we could definitely hold a wedding here for 13 people, so long as those people brought their strechy pants.
  • About 40 minutes from my parents' house
    • 25 minutes!  Woot!
  • Somewhere that guests who were in for the entire weekend would have activities or things to see or visit to keep them entertained
    • This one is a little more difficult.  My hometown definitely has a smaller suburb feeling to it, and there isn't a TON of things to see, but we aren't that far from Lexington and Concord, MA for the history buffs out there.  And there is a mall about 20 minutes away.  And actually, people won't really have THAT much time to kill.  So we let this one slide a bit.  I'm sure when it comes time to think about itineraries and OOT bags, we'll brainstorm some fun, local activities.
Another big selling point was the Farm-To-Fork mentality that is important to Gibbet Hill.  It's important to me too!  In the past year or two, I'd read a bit about green eating and living, and trying to focus on local and organic food was something that was important to me.  I'm no perfect angel, that's for sure, but if my wedding can be a part of that way of thinking and living, then it definitely is a perk.   

Cost was the biggest thing holding Mr. C and I back.  Gibbet Hill can in no way be defined as a "budget" venue (although, I guess that completely depends on how you define "budget").  It was really difficult for Mr. C and I to imagine spending so much money in one place.  Although I haven't worked out numbers, I would say that the cost of Gibbet Hill will easily be about 40-60% of our budget (maybe I'll run some numbers for you and get a more accurate count...but maybe not.  I hate math.).

It was in a moment, sitting at Mom and Dad Busy Bee's kitchen table, running numbers, making Excel charts, comparing totals, and wringing our hands when Dad Busy Bee looked at me and said (and I swear, I'm not deprived, but I'm definitely not spoiled, so this has happened...maybe twice before in my life) "It doesn't matter what the number is.  We will make this work.  This is what you want, this is what we will do."

And that was that.  Well, not completely.  I did put up a stink that I couldn't have my parents pay for this much, and Mr. C did too.  There was a bit of a guilt complex.  But this day is important to my parents, it's important to Mr. C and I, and this is where we ALL see it going down.  So off we sent our contract, a deposit, and we reserved The Barn at Gibbet Hill for our big day.

Now, the eye candy:

Here's what our guests will see when they head over after our church ceremony.  They will walk straight over to the left, to the porch on the side for cocktail hour.


  If anyone shows up after dark, they will get to enjoy the shot of the Barn in the dark.  (Although I hope they aren't standing in the middle of the field to get this view.)

Here is a view of the interior.  The tall ceilings, the exposed beams, the stunning chandeliers.  This photo is looking from the back of the barn to the front doors (which you can see straight ahead, and the porch is off to the right - the doors are allowing all that sunlight in).  You can also see the second loft level, toward the front, where we will most likely be putting our faux-to-booth and cocktail tables.  You also get a shot of the dance floor here, off to the left.  Just beyond the dance floor, along the left hand wall is where our band will set up to keep the party going!   

Here's another inside shot, this time from the front of the barn to the back.  The porch is on our left here, and you see another staircase to an additional loft space.  This space will most likely have dinner tables up here, probably to be filled by the 'younger' crowd at our wedding.  You can see some of the fun details in the barn (like the wagon wheel!) and a better shot of the chandeliers. 


I'm so excited to hold our reception here.  I constantly Google "Gibbet Hill wedding" to search for any new photos that may have been posted or even to just stare in awe at pictures I've drooled over 100 times before.  I've stopped by more than twice since sending our contract, just to walk around, and sigh.  And maybe tear up thinking about what will happen just seven months from now!  Yikes! 
So, be honest....were you surprised with our choice?  What was most important to you in choosing your venue?


  1. I had similar problems with the cost of Gibbet. We are having our wedding on Sunday (to save money) and with the way things are adding up we could have had the saturday night wedding!!

    As for things for OOT guests to do, I included Nashoba Valley Winery

  2. i'm so glad you picked the barn! i love it :)