Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day Away

Since February is quickly slipping away, I thought I would share a trip that Mr. C and I took to celebrate Valentine's Day/Our 6th Anniversary/The End of Another of Mr. C's rotation.  I think it could be a great option for someone for a honeymoon/mini-moon, or if you just need a weekend away like we did!

It was a last minute trip, and we knew that wherever we went had to be within 3-4 hours driving distance, we could not spend a fortune, and there needed to be enough to do, but also not so much that we would be sad we had to leave early in the morning on Sunday.  So where did we end up?


After discussing some of our options, Mr. C and I realized neither of us had ever really been to Baltimore (although that's not 100% true...I stopped there and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe on the way back from my eighth grade trip to DC), it was 3 hours away, and after getting an AWESOME deal at, we were set to go!

We got in Friday night, and after checking in, set out to explore near our hotel (we were staying right on the Inner Harbor) before our dinner reservations later that night.

We headed to Jimmy's Famous Seafood for our reservation and were really sad to find out they were all out of the hard crabs that Mr. C had so been looking forward to smashing.  Luckily, after a bit of pouting, the large table of tourists behind us, who apparently were full after just one crab, shared some of their bounty with us.  So we got the best of both worlds.  Delicious oysters, crab cakes, and entrees, as WELL as some good old fashioned crab smashing.

After dinner, we hit up the hotel bar for one drink, and then called it an early night after our long day of working-test taking-driving-crab smashing.

But the next morning we had reserved our passes for the Baltimore National Aquarium and were there almost as soon as our passes would let us be.

Mr. C and I have realized that over our number of trips throughout the years, we seem to always end up at aquariums!  We love them!  So we continued the tradition and had a great time.  We especially enjoyed the dolphin show!

And of course...the gift shop.

After a pit stop at our hotel, we ended up driving over to the Baltimore Museum of Art, which was a smaller (compared to the stuff in NYC!) but really great museum.  And free admission!  That's always a great thing to find at a museum.

We caught sunset out the window of the hotel when we got back.  It was beautiful out over the harbor.

Then we got dressed up for dinner, and since we had totally failed on making dinner reservations for Saturday night (our first concern was crab!), we didn't get to have the fancy Valentine's Dinner we were hoping for.  Instead, we ended up at PF Changs.  Which totally made me happy!

Nom!  Lettuce wraps!

After another stop at the hotel bar, Mr. C and I called it a night, so we could be up and early in the morning to drive back to Brooklyn in time to make it to see Swan Lake (one of my Christmas presents this year!).  So it was a short trip...probably only 36 hours or so in total, but we had a blast.  I think there was plenty to do, but we also didn't feel stressed.  We ate some great food, and really enjoyed the opportunity to spend some quality alone time together outside our apartment.

Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day this year?

All personal photos.

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