Monday, February 28, 2011

My Stinkin' Feet

AKA: My shoe dilemma continues.

Could I possibly talk about shoes more?  I feel like it's getting a bit excessive.  But I'm feeling so indecisive.  In fact, so indecisive, I have even decided to take pictures of my feet and share them with the whole internetz.  Terrifying.

So here are the shoes that I ordered, as seen on

1) Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Photo from

2)  Alejandra Sky Dahlia
Photo from

Photo from

So what was the verdict?

Well, unfortunately, #2, the Dahlia, is out of the running officially.  

They were far more coral in person than a nice, bright orange.  (Can you tell?  I really have no photography skills.  Tips are welcome!)  Plus, the flower was more dominating than I wanted it to be.  And, most importantly, they are too small.  I know comfort is going to be important on the day of, and I could barely squeeze my (large!) feet into these coral, too large flower, flats.  

#1 and #3 are more tricky.  I love them both for different reasons. 

The Belle is silver and literally the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.  How could a flat be so comfortable?!

The Flash is still a little too small (Come onnnnnn, Zappos!  Get my size in stock!), but it is so sparkly and that bow is to die for.  

I am holding on to both the Belle and Flash and sending Dahlia back.  Hopefully my dress will come in so I can try them both on with the dress.  A friend pointed out that the Belle, with its metal, and the Flash, with its sequins may also get stuck on the bottom of the dress.  So we will have to see how that goes.

Any votes about either of these shoes?

And did I mention it gets more complicated?  Look what I found today:

Bowdelaire Ballet Flats from J.Crew
Ah!  Another curve ball!  A sparkly bow.  

Sick of me talking about shoes yet?  

All photos personal unless otherwise noted.

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  1. they all look great..but I def. agree...try them on with the dress and it will help you immensely. good luck!