Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back In Action

Hello ladies (gents?)!  Well it's time for me to get back in the groove of blogging!  I needed some time away to deal with some stuff that has been going on, focus on some job hunting stuff, and generally focus on "me" time.  But now that I've done that, I'm ready to share with you all the stuff that I've been working on!

Let's start with shoes.  After my post about shoes, I've become shoe obsessed!  I was on the hunt!

This is a screenshot of my 'favorites' on Zappos.com.  Now, imagine this page filled with about 15 other pairs of shoes.  Some practical, some ridiculous, many I had saved just because I had seen them in the blogosphere and assumed I would love them too (I didn't).  But last night I sat down, bit the bullet, deleted most of those others, and left a few contenders.  I even ordered two of them!

As you can see from what's here, I have some blue shoes (my something blue?), a fun colorful shoe (orange? purple?), silver (sparkley?), and some more bridal shoes (blush pink or ivory?).  I still am not really sure what I want out of my shoes, but I'm hoping thanks to Zappos awesome return policy, that I'll get to try some on with my dress, and maybe something will just click! 
First up, Belle by Sigerson Morrison.  Pretty!  Simple, but with a nice touch of detail.  These should be arriving at my apartment in 4-7 business days. 

 Next, I went for a pop of color.  Alejandra Sky Dahlia.  From the beginning of my wedding planning, I talked about wearing a pair of fun, colorful shoes.  I'm not exactly sure when I started drifting more towards the silver, so I thought I would give these fun, playful and ORANGE shoes a shot.

And the original beauties, the Kate Spade Flash in Pewter (ugh, I have typed this out so many times, I didn't even need to copy/paste the name from the Zappos website!).  So I actually got these!  From the Kate Spade store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  They didn't have my size, but they did have a 10 (I usually wear an 11), so I tried them on.  They were snug...but I told myself that I can buy them now and think about it later.  If only they had that darn 10 1/2!

But then...that alert worked!  Zappos emailed me and told me, the 10 1/2 was in!  I waited to get home with Mr. C to buy them (we are working on saving up credit card miles for our honeymoon, so all big purchases go on Mr. C's card).  And then I ended up having dinner with friends...and then Mr. C and I went away for Valentine's Day...and then I had to go to work.  So I sat down to finally order them last night...and *SOB* the 10 1/2 was already gone.  So another alert was set up...and we'll see what happens!  Hey, what's meant to be is meant to be, right?

And sorry, no photos of my REAL feet in these things, because...well, feet are gross.  So enjoy this shot of them.  Ah...beauties. 

Have you ever hesitated to make a wedding related (or non-wedding related!) purchase and regretted it later?

All photos from Zappos.com


  1. Flats are a definite necessity for wedding shoes. I love these fun, sparkly, attention-grabbing ones! Crossing my fingers that you get your size!

  2. Did you decide to keep your sparkly shoes??