Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where did I find THAT idea?

Wedding planning can create a brain overload.  There are blogs, magazines, television shows, expos, plus lots of advice and experience from former brides and fellow engaged-folk.

Along the way, have you ever had the experience where you've had some idea, whether a color inspiration, a candy bar idea, or a random small detail, but you can't for the life of you remember where it came from?  And you're pretty certain you weren't THAT creative!

I've had many many of these moments throughout the wedding planning process, but now as things get closer, I'm looking back to some of my saved inspiration to really find out where these ideas came from and exactly how it was pulled off to see if I can take it from inspiration photo

As I mentioned in my last post, the most exciting part of 2011 (so far!) has been the addition of a beautiful little girl to my sister's family.  From the announcement of my sister's pregnancy, I've been dreaming about how to incorporate this addition to our family into my wedding.

Baby J will be just over 10 months old at the time of the wedding.  More than likely, she won't be walking.  And even if she is, it will probably be a bit more of a waddle than a walk.  So I was looking for a back up plan, and "I" had this genius idea to bring her down the aisle in a wagon!  Filled with flowers!  Adorable!

But let's be real, I am NOT that creative.  So where did this idea come from?  Well, I spent some time today cleaning out the starred posts in my Google reader and discovered not only the inspiration for that particular moment, but this entire wedding looks almost exactly as I imagine mine to be.

Let's all drool a bit, shall we?

The outside of Gibbet Hill has this same red color to it.  I desperately want a photo of Mr. C and I out on the side of the barn, sneaking some kisses.

Photo source. Photography by Taylor Swedberg Photography.

Although I hope to put my B-maids in orange dresses, this color scheme definitely works, and brown may be the easier option to find a dress for all the girls to find something that they'll wear again as well as in their price range.

Photo source. Photography by Taylor Swedberg Photography.

AH!  How AMAZING is this??  And now I know exactly just how beautiful Baby J is...this idea is just to die for.  

Photo source. Photography by Taylor Swedberg Photography.

And the wagon serves as great decor later on!

Wedding found here.  Photography by Taylor Swedberg Photography.

There are a number of ideas in my Google Reader, and even some starred posts that I have NO CLUE why I saved them.  Goes to show that I should be sorting through these things far more often, and try and reduce ideas based on where I truly see my inspiration going, and what is or isn't realistic.

Where do you find your inspiration?  How do you keep it organized?


  1. This happens to me all the time!! It gets so overwhelming to save everything properly and I need to get my act together on some sort of organization plan. there's just toooo much inspiration out there. Tough life huh? Love the wagon idea!

  2. He he he, yeahhhh, I have this problem. I pretty much bookmark everything, but sometimes I'll only remember where things came from by looking back at blog posts. But when I was looking at photographers, they all asked where I had found them, and I was like, "" *chirp chirp chirp*.

  3. @Saying I do - I know! I have tried reorganizing everything under a topic, but that really doesn't help in narrowing down choices or keeping organized where I got it from.

    @nicoliolihpf - I had the same problem with photographers! Eventually I just answered "google" and hoped they were satisfied :)