Friday, January 7, 2011

A Non-True Cleanse

Mr. C and I were feeling full and lethargic post-vacation.  My family is big on vacation drinking and vacation eating.  When we returned back to Brooklyn, we both said we were going to go on a full out cleanse, rid ourselves of the crap in our body, and get on a workout schedule that we can keep up to get ourselves wedding ready.

The only issue!  I've done some googling related to cleansing, and the only thing I can seem to find either requires me to buy millions of dollars worth of product, or is so extreme, I have visions of myself passing out in a subway car.

So I thought I would turn to ye old blog to see if anyone had ever attempted a cleanse, what they did, and how they felt after!  I'm not looking to be a crazy girl who drinks water with red hot sauce in it and then eats only 100 calories worth of stuff, but just more something natural, clear my system out, and ONCE AND FOR ALL, get back on track!


  1. I would say don't do a "cleanse" per say, but cut out meat, caffeine, alcohol, and bread. That leaves you with veggies and fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, and other ultimate health things. Maybe for a straight week? Let me know how it goes. I'm trying the new Weight Watchers plan for the month of January. AH!

  2. The only thing I know about is a detox, and I've never actually done it, but I've heard that doing a day of just fruits and vegetables (especially if you can go organic) is helpful with the cleansing. My general plan is drink lots of water and work out hard and often.

  3. i've been interested in doing a cleanse too..but I've never done one and don't know which ones to do. I've heard the bitter lemonade cleanse is good..but it really doesn't sound appetizing!

  4. I tried an herbal cleanse from Whole Foods a couple times. It has fiber and some other stuff for your liver. So I took that and ate a really healthy diet for two weeks, no meat. It wasn't that bad, but I'm not rushing to do it again.

  5. Thanks for all your advice! I think I'm sticking to more of a natural Jen-style cleanse. I don't eat meat anyway - so its mostly fruits and veggies, my morning oatmeal, and some brown rice. I've also been avoiding sodas, coffee, and alcohol.

    Although @Mich I am tempted to look into that herbal cleanse at Whole Foods!