Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meeting With Our Priest

Picking the venue for our ceremony was pretty easy.  Mr. C and I are both Roman Catholic, and my family has been a member of the local church since we moved in to the town .  My sister was married there just this past October!  Picking my family's church was really a no-brainer.

Not only is the church familiar to us, but the exterior and interior is beautiful.  The church was re-done in the past ten years and you get a nice, hometown feel inside the church.

This is the outside - this is actually the view from the side.  But the front has a little more detail, and beautiful front doors.

Mr. C and I love the rafting and woodwork in here, and also how it sort of correlates with bringing our guests to The Barn at Gibbet Hill for our reception.

Source for the above two photos.

We'll be married at the front altar, where the white cloth is.  You're in the middle of the church, but you are also still close enough to your guests.

As part of the process, Father P, the priest who will be marrying us, asked us to meet with him a few times prior to our big day.  Although Mr. C and I don't live up near where our wedding will be, we spend enough time up there, visiting my family, especially my niece.  But while we were home for Christmas, we decided to try and meet with Father Pto begin the process.

Luckily, although it was the week between Christmas and New Years and the rest of the church staff was off for the holiday, Father P was more than willing to meet with us.  We sat for a bit, and caught Father P up on things that were going on with my family (he takes particular interest in Brother M's football career), and Father P got to know more about Mr. C and I.

Father P is great.  He tells a lot of awesome stories, and you can tell he's had a lot of experience in doing what he does.  I'm looking forward to meeting with him more, getting his insight on marriage and relationships, and helping to use this experience as a way for Mr. C and I to grow and learn together as we get closer to our wedding.  

How did you pick an officiant for your wedding?  Was it someone you knew prior to the big day?  Or someone you got to know as part of the process?

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