Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's 2011!

Hello out there!

My hiatus was a bit longer than I expected it to be, and I was prepared to come back with drafts and ideas for ye old blog all ready to go, but something got in the way...

I became an AUNT!  Sister J finally brought Baby J into this world (even though she was early, I still say 'finally' because I was SO ANXIOUS to meet that baby girl!) on Sunday, January 2nd.  I'm back at home now for a bit of work, but I'm hoping to be able to rush away again this weekend to spend more time with that precious little girl.

The hiatus also brought other big things: Mr. C and I's first Christmas together, a meeting with the priest who will marry us, finding and hunting for centerpieces, and phone tag with a potential florist.  We also got to enjoy Brother M's basketball games, the Lord of the Rings extended version, New Years Eve, and plenty of family quality time.

I can't wait to share everything with you, it's been a wild couple of weeks!

Hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and happy start to their new year :)