Friday, January 14, 2011

How We Got Engaged, Part II

Last we left off, I was attacked by "killer" Costa Rican ants, and Mr. C had drugged me up with Benadryl.

After the ant drama, we spent some time lounging around – I’m pretty sure I actually fell asleep on a towel on the ceramic floor of our porch.  Mr. C got up and took a shower, and encouraged me to do the same.  When I came out of the shower, he was dressed up, ready for dinner.  He suggested that we get dressed up for dinner and go for a walk.  I was being a little whiny (again, not shocking), and taking my sweet time. 

First, Mr. C suggested I put on some makeup.  And then maybe fix my hair.  I remember saying something along the lines of “Aren’t we coming back before dinner?  I can just do it then.”  But Mr. C convicnec me the rest of our friends would be back soon, and would be ready to go straight to dinner.  So after throwing my hair up quickly, and doing some light makeup, Mr. C and I headed out.  
We left our room (also, after Mr. C suggested what dress I wore, the dress that he had suggested I bring on the trip) and on our way to the beach, ee ran into J, E and Y.  E commented that we were both wearing white, and looked like we were going to P.Diddy’s White Party.  Mr. C shrugged, but I laughed as I only then realized we were both in white. 

We walked down to the beach.  As we were walking down, I mentioned to Mr. C that it was so beautiful, and I would love to come back down to Costa Rica to get married.  Of course, he shook his head in exasperation.  As he always did.

We walked along, I grabbed a flower at one point.  I can’t remember exactly what we said, or what we talked about.  But our shoes were off, we were on the beach, and the sun was about to set.  We walked along, and Mr. C kept pulling us further down, but I stopped him, because we could no longer see the sun!  He grabbed me, and pulled me to him.  We kissed for a moment or two.  He wasn’t holding me with both hands, which at the time, I found strange.  And then I opened my eyes, and Mr. C was no longer holding me. 

Instead, he was down on one knee, with a box and a ring.  He asked me, simply, will you marry me.  I think I screamed?  I might have yelped.  We’re still not even sure if I said yes right away.  When I went to grab the ring though, Mr. C told me not to touch the stone.  He stood and kissed me and we hugged.  Someone sitting near us clapped.  I couldn’t believe it.  The ring didn’t fit, but I wore it on my pinky finger, and it was just fine.

We asked the man who clapped for us to take a few photos.  I still kept spontaneously crying and laughing and we were both giddy.  

We walked back up to the room, and shared the news with our friends.  There was a lot of shrieking, a lot of retelling the story, and then there was some sangria.

It was amazing and perfect.  I smiled the rest of the trip.  And of course, would tell anyone who would listen that Mr. C was no longer my boyfriend, but now, my fiance.


  1. Amazing story!! How cute, I teared up!! Chris and I got engaged while we were in the Bahamas! I was the same way. I talked about getting engaged a LOT but finally pushed it from my mind and told myself to just let it be...and that's when it happened!

  2. Thank you! Writing it and thinking about it still makes me smile.

    It's fun to be away when you're proposed to, huh? It was nice to have some time together before coming home to all the excitement that waited us. Did you have time before the end of your trip after your proposal as well?