Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flowers For Me?

I'll be honest - flowers have been at the bottom of my list from the beginning of wedding planning.  Before doing any research, I was worried about the cost of flowers, and the dent it would put in our wedding budget.

But I've heard about a great florist near our venue, and if this works out, I may fall in love with the idea of incorporating flowers back into our wedding plans.  Here are some photos that make me want to have flowers everywhere:

The orange flowers, in particular, make me drool.  I know for sure, I will be carrying some sort of orange bouquet down the aisles.  What will be happening with the bridesmaids and the centerpieces...well hopefully I'll know more after speaking with our (fingers-crossed!) florist in a few weeks.

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  1. I had a total meltdown after I got the floral estimate. Like complete and total meltdown that led me to say that I was going to try DIY flowers (yeah right..I would suck at that). Good luck with this, it's one part of our budget that I have had the hardest time justifying =/