Friday, January 21, 2011

But I Want It!

I guess this is inevitable in the endless hunt for things for the wedding:  "Not Available," "Out of Stock," "None in the warehouse" are some phrases I've heard a lot recently and it's REALLY frustrating.

What we had the most trouble with is our centerpieces (but fingers crossed, that should be all sorted out by now) and now, it's shoes!  Boo!

These are the shoes I saw, and I immediately fell in love with them:

So pretty!  The Kate Spade Flash Flat in Pewter.  But here they are, and they are not in my size :(  I added an alert from Zappos, should they become available (which is an awesome feature, BTW) in my size.

I found other shoes that are similar, but they don't have that bow!  The bow!  Ah, I'm dying all over again.  Let's look at some other pretty, sparkly shoes.

These are pretty, too!  The Nilt Flat by Enzo Angiolini that I found at Nordstrom.  These are great too, but unfortunately, a little too gold for me (I have some silver detailing on my dress).  They also look too much like every day flats.  Although I want flats (ok, NEED flats, due to Mr. C's height), I still want them to look like pretty wedding shoes, even if they aren't 4 inches tall.

And these.  Oh my, these Miu Miu flats.  It's both unfortunate and lucky that they aren't available, because they are also completely out of my price range.

These Jimmy Choo's are available at Saks, but although they have the right amount of sparkle, I'm not as interested in a pointed toe, but looking for a rounded one.

I found these old JCrew shoes on another blog but they are long gone.  So sad, because they would be great too!  They have an updated pair, but they aren't as cute, and they are also sold out.

So thoughts, dear friends?  Find me those pretty sparkle shoes with the perfect touch of special that I can wear with my wedding dress!


  1. I'm looking for shoes, too..and I actually bought a pair last week on that I love!! But I'm not debuting them until I get to try them on w/ my dress. Anyway, I would def. check out the selection at, and see what you find there!

  2. It looks like they have that first pair of shoes in every size right now. They are super cute BTW. Want to lend them to me? :)

  3. Adorable! I love the sparkle flats because you will definitely rewear them. Fashion queen!

  4. Ack, I love the Miu Mius! I've been looking for glitter pumps (and I maaay have grabbed a couple pairs already)--I think Butter may have some flats, but I'm not sure. You can find their shoes on

  5. Oh sparkle flat. So coveted. So loved. I hope you find the perfect (in stock) pair!