Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 1

Wahoo!  My POA was successful this week!

I've decided to weigh myself on Friday mornings.  That will be the official weigh-in day.  Which means you had best being seeing a check-in post within a few days, whether it's a positive or negative.

But this week, it was a in a good weigh-in, because I saw negatives!

Down 2.2 pounds this week!  Wahooooo!

So what went differently:

1) Being aware of what I ate:  By keeping track of my calories, it made me focus on where I was using my calories, the size of my portions, and on my hunger levels

2) Free yoga: I went once on Sunday, and then I went Friday night (ok, so that is post weigh-in, but I still went twice this week!)

3) Walks: It was cold.  And I was cranky, but I did at least one sizeable walk this week that I know was probably a part of contributing to my achievement this week.

4) I stayed positive!  Sure, there were times when I didn't eat the way I wanted to (I had THREE pieces of pizza this week - I haven't had pizza in such a long time!) [Note: Not in one sitting!  Two different occasions!] and there was some drinking, which always feels like empty calories, but I tried to plan the rest of my days around these moments and that definitely helped.  And I'm glad to see my pants aren't quite as snug as they were a week ago.

So this week I will stay on track, keep up with my POA, and hopefully keep seeing results!

Have you put your own POA into play?  How'd it work out (or how is it WORKING out) for you?