Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Garland Wreath

I love reading other blogs and seeing other people's awesome DIY projects.  But living in New York City, and being on a limited budget, I find it hard to sometimes put awesome projects to work for myself.  But I saw this project on Creature Comforts Blog, and I realized, this is something I could do!  It was fast, didn't take a lot of fancy tools or gadgets, and was totally affordable!  Both wreaths were made for under $10!

I started with an embroidery hoop, which apparently has TWO hoops within it!  Wahoo!  I got a 9 inch wooden hoop at Michael's.  Cost: $1.49.  Not bad!

I pulled the embroidery hoop into its two pieces.  And yes, I'm watching the Sing-Off on my laptop, and yes, I'm doing this DIY on my bed.  Don't judge -  Mr. C was studying on the table, there wasn't any room left!

I bought 15 feet of silver garland and 15 feet of gold garland at Target.  Cost of total tinsel garland: $6.00.

I started with the top hoop - there was a little metal clasp, so I used that to hold the tinsel as I started to wrap it around the hoop.

I wrapped the entire 15 feet around, trying to pull the tinsel as tight as possible, and used some craft glue to stick the end of the tinsel to the hoop.  Unfortunately, my craft glue was a little dried up, and it was tough to get the wire to stick to the wood.  I think I could have used some stronger glue, maybe a glue gun, but since I didn't own one, I just wrapped the tinsel around some of the other pieces on the hoop to sort of tie it on.

With the gold one, there wasn't a clasp, so I had to use a lot of that craft glue to start off wrapping the tinsel.

For the gold wreath, I didn't use the entire 3 feet of garland, and I actually found that to look much better.    I cut off about a foot of the garland, and the two feet was plenty to wrap around the hoop.  With the silver wreath, I tried to cram the entire string onto the hoop, and there was just too much.  It's not consistent around the hoop, and it is loose in some places.

You can see here how much tighter the gold one looks compared to the silver.

All in all, this was a VERY easy project.  The two wreaths took me less than 10 minutes.  And they will be easy to store and use every Christmas!  I considered adding some decorations to the bottom of the wreath, but everything just looked excessive.  So with the gold and the silver, I'm leaving them plain.  If I bought some green garland, I would probably add some red and silver balls to the bottom of the wreath.

All personal photos.


  1. Too cute! Those hoop things are exactly what I used for my feather boa wreath!

  2. I saw that you had posted that and I was so jealous, because it took me forever to find them around here! But I'm glad I did!