Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something to Dance to!

Music is very important to Mr. C. Both for our ceremony and our reception. From the beginning of this wedding planning adventure, Mr. C told me his biggest concerns were 1) music 2) food and 3) cake. The importance of 2) and 3) are self-explanatory for any groom, I'm sure. Music is important to Mr. C because of his musical background.

Mr. C was in marching band in high school, as well as singing in whatever he could. In college, Mr. C was in a musical (it's how we met!) and was also in an a cappella group. (Click the link for a YouTube video!) I was definitely an a cappella groupie (my love for Mr. C was in no way related, of course!)

Because it is so important to him, Mr. C is in charge of booking all our musical needs. The first weekend after we were engaged, Mom and Dad Busy Bee called us from an event they were attending and demanded we come sneak in to check out the band that was playing.

The First Class Band was phenomenal! While we were there we heard everything from Lady Gaga to The Beatles to The Drifters. We immediately hit the dance floor and rocked the rest of the night away.

Mr. C got in touch with The First Class Band through their website, and unfortunately, they were way over our budget. I think if we had really put our mind to it, we would have found a way to adjust our budget to make The First Class Band work for us, because we really did enjoy their performance, and Mr. C had no complaints about the quality of the vocals.

After that first attempt to book a wedding band (almost a year and a half before our wedding!) we put it in the back of our minds for a bit. Mr. C was starting his rotations in his third year of medical school, and a band for the wedding was no longer at the top of his priority list. So we left off there for a number of months.

Then Mr. C got back on the hunt and we tried to figure out what we wanted: a band or a DJ? Was it more important to have live entertainment for a higher cost? Or would we be excited to be able to play some of our favorite songs, just the way we were used to hear them?

Did you have a wedding band or a wedding DJ? As a wedding guest, do you have a preference?

I've actually never been to a wedding with a band, but I love to dance around! Is one better than the other for dancing?

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  1. I've been to weddings with DJs and weddings with bands. I like the energy that live musicians bring to an event but we decided to go with a DJ so we could get a better mix for everyone's musical tastes.

    p.s. I'm in Brooklyn too!